Studying biochemistry allows you to explore the molecular components of the cell and the chemical changes characteristic of living organisms.

Biochemistry majors at Oxy will receive a thorough foundation in both biology and chemistry – knowledge that can be harnessed in innovative ways, ranging from basic research (e.g., how proteins fold) to industrial applications (e.g., testing and diagnostics). This will entail education and training in core areas such as organic chemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and physical chemistry.

Research is at the core of our curriculum. Oxy students have been co-authors on papers published in peer-reviewed journals and have won top national awards, including Beckman and Goldwater scholarships and Fulbright fellowships. As a biochemistry major, you will have the opportunity to carry out original lab work in collaboration with your professors, designing, executing, and interpreting your research. You also will be encouraged to apply to participate in Oxy’s popular Summer Research Program.

Oxy biochemists seek to use their scientific knowledge and broad education in the liberal arts to advance the public good and improve health care, economic opportunities, environmental stewardship, and national security, in addition to expanding human understanding through their teaching and research. Oxy is one of the country’s top producers of students who go on to receive Ph.Ds in the sciences; you will be prepared to pursue a doctorate in biochemistry or the health professions, a medical degree, employment in the biotechnology field, or a career in education.