General Outline:

Fall Semester:

  • End of Second week: Brief (written) description of project to advisors and 490 professor
  • Early October: Abstract due for SCCUR conference
  • Saturday before Thanksgiving week: present poster on your research at the SCCUR conference
  • Early December:  Winter Fest – includes presentation of your poster….
  • Last day of classes: draft of comps report due.  This will include all sections required for the final report, and all data gathered to date.  In addition, it will include a plan to complete the project on time. You should try very hard to get all data collected this term.

Spring Semester:

  • End of Week 1:  last day to collect data.
  • End of Week 4: Near-final draft due to advisor
  • Weeks 6—7 (The two weeks prior to Spring Break:) oral presentations to Department
  • Friday before Spring Break:  Final report due (see guidelines for formatting and procedures)
  • Spring Break: Enjoy the break without a thesis hanging over your head!!!!
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Hameetman Science Center 219