The following are recent Senior Comprehensives Papers:

Helen Dodd ’21 (French & Linguistics, 1-paper option)
The History of and Attitudes Towards the Feminization of Professional Terms in French

Audrey Lily ’21 (Spanish & Russian, 1-paper option)
Actitudes lingüísticas en el español de Nuevo México: cómo la edad influye en las tensiones lingüísticas entre el norte y el sur

Zeke Sebastian ’21 (Spanish & Linguistics, 1-paper option)
Social Stratification, Language Change, and Exemplar Theory

Jackson Eddy ’22 (Spanish & Linguistics, 1-paper option)
The Impact and Effect of Language Contact with Spanish on Catalan: Loss of /e/ and /ε/ Vowel Distinction for Individual Speakers and Entire Language Communities

Jacqueline Cao ’22 (Spanish & French, 1-paper option)
Stress Perception in Spanish and French: Developments and ‘Deafness’

Samantha Stuart ’22 (Linguistics & Spanish, 1-paper option)
Explorando los pronombres de segunda persona singular en Colombia a través de la telenovela La Reina del Flow

Ethan Ferrall ’22 (Linguistics & Spanish, 1-paper option)
Intervocalic /p, t, k/ Voicing in Chilean Spanish

Noah Yee Yick ’22 (Linguistics & Spanish, 2-paper option with Span. 490)
Conflict between Standard and Heritage Varieties: An Analysis of Instructor Ideologies and Practices in Spanish as a Heritage Language Courses

Siena Lucido ’22 (French & Linguistics, 1-paper option)
An Investigation into Verlan: The Backwards Slang of France

Annie Lynch ’23 (French & Linguistics, 2-paper option)
Optimizing the Effectiveness of Recasts in the Second Language Acquisition Classroom (Linguistics)
To Diphthongize or Not to Diphthongize: The Prestige of Diphthongization in Canadian French Vowels (French)

Elise Raphael ’23 (Linguistics & Spanish, 1-paper option)
El futuro del futuro: Una revisión sociolingüística del tiempo futuro en español

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