Advisory Committee

Professor Mariska Bolyanatz

Mariška Bolyanatz Brown

Assistant Professor, Spanish and French Studies
B.A., Gordon College, Massachusetts; M.A., University of Illinois, Chicago; Ph.D., UCLA
Mariška Bolyanatz Brown (IPA: [məˈɾiʃkə boʊliˈɑnɪts bɹɑʊn]) is a linguist whose work focuses on socially conditioned variation in speech production and perception in Spanish.
Professor Hanan Elsayad

Hanan Elsayed

Associate Professor, Spanish and French Studies
B.A., Montclair State University; M.A., Ph.D., Rutgers University; Graduate Certificate in African Studies, Rutgers University
Hanan Elsayed teaches French and Arabic languages and literatures.
Professor Salvador Fernández

Salvador Fernández

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs; Professor, Spanish and French Studies
B.A., UC Riverside; M.A., Indiana University; Ph.D., UCLA
Salvador Fernández teaches courses on Spanish and Latin American literature and civilization, as well as Mexican and Chicano/a studies. His research areas of interest are the contemporary Mexican novel and Chicano/a studies.

Susan Grayson

Professor, Spanish and French Studies
A.B., M.A., Ph.D., UCLA; Ph.D., Wright Institute Los Angeles Attestation d’études, Université de Bordeaux
Grayson has taught the 18th- and 19th-century French novel, French feminism, women's studies, literary criticism, and French grammar and composition at all levels.

Stephen Klemm

Assistant Professor, Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture
B.A., University of Iowa; M.A., University of Chicago; M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University
Stephen Klemm specializes in German literature and philosophy from the 18th-20th century with particular interest in German Romanticism, Existentialism, and Critical Theory. His language and literature courses examine how language, literature, and philosophy interact and emerge from within concrete social and historical settings.
Professor Viviana MacManus

Viviana MacManus

Associate Professor, Spanish and French Studies
B.A., Occidental College; Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
Viviana Beatriz MacManus’s research and teaching focuses on Latin American and Latinx feminist theory, literature, film, and cultural studies.
Celia Martinez-Saez

Celia Martínez-Sáez

Assistant Professor, Spanish and French Studies
B.A., University of Alicante; M.A., Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Celia Martínez-Sáez teaches courses on contemporary culture and literature from Spain, mass media, gender and sexuality, and film. 
Professor Mike Shelton

Michael Shelton

Professor, Spanish and French Studies
B.S., St. Cloud State University; M.A., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Michael Shelton is a linguist, specializing in phonology and psycholinguistics.
Professor Meimei Zhang

Meimei Zhang

Assistant Professor, Asian Studies
B.A., Beijing Foreign Studies University; M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
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