Meet our advisory board

Ambassador David Aaron
The Rand Corporation; Oxy Alumnus

Ambassador Mort Abramowitz
Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation; Former US Ambassador to Turkey, and Thailand

Liaquat Ahamed
Pulitzer Prize-winning author; Investment banker; Trustee, Brookings Institution

Hakan Altinay
President of the Global Civics Academy and Director of the European School of Politics in Istanbul

Diane Marie Amann
Professor, School of Law, University of Georgia

Richard Appelbaum

Professor of Sociology and Global and International Studies
 University of California at Santa Barbara

Reza Aslan
 Professor, University of California at Riverside

David Axeen
Emeritus Professor, American Studies Occidental College; Former Occidental College Dean

Hussein Banai
Assistant Professor, School of Global and International Studies, Indiana University

William Bellamy
Retired Director, Center for Strategic & International Studies/Africa Program; Oxy Alumnus

Ambassador Nicholas Burns
Professor, Kennedy School of Government; Former US Ambassador to Greece

Coit D.Blacker
Deputy Director, Institute for International Studies at Stanford University; Oxy Alumnus

Larry Caldwell
Emeritus Professor of Political Science, Occidental College

Jorge Castenada
Former Foreign Minister, Government of Mexico
; Visiting Professor, New York University

Wellington Chan
Emeritus Professor of History, Occidental College

Nayan Chanda
Director, Publications Center for Study of Globalization at Yale University; author

Steve Coll

Dean, School of Journalism, Columbia University; Oxy Alumnus

Geoff Cowan
Former Dean, USC Annenberg School of Communication and former Head of Voice of America

Jeremy Curtin
Former Acting Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy; Coordinator of International Information Programs

Ambassador Ivo Daalder

Former Ambassador to NATO; President, Chicago Council on World Affairs

Glyn Davis
Chief Executive Officer, Paul Ramsay Foundation

Faisal Devji
University Reader in Modern South Asian History and Director, St Antony's College Asian Studies Centre, Oxford University

Gloria Duffy
CEO, Common Wealth Club of California; Oxy Alumnus & Trustee

Ambassador David Dunn
Professor, National War College; Former US Ambassador to Zambia

Erik Eckholm
Former National Legal and Foreign Correspondent of the New York Times, Oxy Alumnus

Sebastian Edwards
Economist and Professor of Business, UCLA; Henry Ford II Professor of Economics, Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA

John Emerson
Vice Chairman, Capital International, Inc.; Former US Ambassador to Germany

Rachel Epstein
Associate Professor of International Political Economy and European Politics, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver

Honorable Gareth Evans
Chancellor, Australian National University; Former Foreign Minister of Australia

Richard Falkenrath
Former New York City Deputy Commissioner, Counterterrorism; Oxy Alumnus

Admiral William Fallon
US Navy (Retired), Former Head of US Pacific Command

Admiral Ian Forbes
Admiral/Supreme Commander (Retired); Her Majesty’s Navy, UK

Glen Fukushima
Former President & CEO, Airbus K.K. (Japan); Fellow, Center for American Progress

Kelly Sims Gallagher
Professor of Energy & Environmental Policy and Director, Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, The Fletcher School, Tufts University; Oxy Alumnus

James Glabraith
Professor, University of Texas, LBJ School of Public Affairs

Leon Grice
Chair, New Zealand United States Council

Sheila Heen
Partner, Triad Consulting, LLC; Oxy Alumnus

Ambassador John Hirsch
International Peace Program, Former Director of Oxy at the U.N., Former US Ambassador to Sierra Leone

Matthew Hunter
Director, Strategic Partnerships, Hudson Institute; Oxy Alumnus

Jane Jaquette
Emeritus Professor, Political Science and International Relations, Occidental College

Bob Johnson
Entertainment Attorney and Principal, Planet Illogica; Oxy Alumnus

Wiliam Kahane
Managing Director, GF Capital Management

Ann Kerr
Fulbright Coordinator, University of California Los Angeles; Oxy Alumnus

Yasmin Khan
Associate Professor of History and Fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford University

Ambassador Christopher LaFleur

Former U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia

Ambassador Tom Loftus

Former Special Advisor to the Director General, World Health Organization; Former US Ambassador to Norway

Margaret MacMillan

Warden, Saint Anthony’s College, Oxford University

Michael Mahdesian
Chairman of Servicon Systems, Inc.

Terry McCarthy
President and CEO, Los Angeles World Affairs Council

Ian McKinnon

Managing Director, Ziff Brothers Investments; Oxy Alumnus

Marjorie Miller

Former Los Angeles Times Foreign Editor; Managing Editor for Latin America – The Associated Press

Susan Mallory
Vice President, Northern Trust; Oxy Alumnus & Trustee

Rana Mitter
Deutsche Bank Director of the University China Centre and Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China, Oxford University

Mike Mochizuki
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Elliot School of International Affairs, George Washington University

Ambassador Cameron Munter
Former CEO & President of EastWest Institute; Former US Ambassador to Pakistan

Sarah Newhall
Current interim CEO of Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette in Portland, OR; Oxy Alumnus

Manuel Pastor
Professor of Geography and American Studies & Ethnicity at the University of Southern California

Juergen Pelzer
Emeritus Professor, German Studies Occidental College

Barry R. Posen
MIT Security Studies Program; Oxy Alumnus

Louise Richardson
Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford

Simon Rofe
Reader in Diplomatic and International Studies, SOAS University of London

Rob Riemen
Founder & President, The Nexus Institute, The Netherlands

David Roberts
Co-Founder of NatureShare; Trustee, Occidental College; Oxy Alumnus

Ambassador Dennis Ross
Former Special Advisor and envoy to Iran, US State Department

Ambassador Don Russell

Former Head of Global Business Development, WestLB Asset Management; Former Australian Ambassador to US

Stephen Schlesinger
Former Director, World Policy Institute; author

Catherine Young Selleck
Former Chair of Occidental College Board of Trustees, daughter of John Parke Young; Oxy Alumnus

Anthony Spires
Associate Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Bruce Stokes
Director of Research on Global Attitudes, Pew Charitable Trust

Strobe Talbott
President, Brookings Institution; Former Deputy Secretary of State

Celeste Wallander
President & CEO of the U.S.-Russia Foundation; Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Neftalie Williams
Lecturer/Researcher, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, USC

Qiu Xiaolong
Novelist and Poet

Amy Zegart
Research Professor, The Hoover Institute, Stanford University

Andrew Zimbalist
Chair, Department of Economics, Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics, Smith College

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