Degree Works

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A powerful new advising tool is coming to Occidental in Fall 2021.

Occidental College has recently acquired Degree Works, an online advising tool that will provide new functionality to both students and faculty advisors. We anticipate that Degree Works will be available for use in Fall 2021. This page provides a brief introduction to Degree Works, as well as answering some frequently asked questions. In the future, additional resources, including user guides and videos, will be made available.

Degree Works offers several different features that will help student navigate their academic experience at Occidental College:

  • Degree Audits. Degree Works will allow students (and their advisors) to instantly see which requirements they have already fulfilled and track their progress toward degree completion. Degree Works audits will include an analysis of the all requirements relevant to a given student, including degree, Core, major, and minor requirements.
  • What-If Analysis. This functionality allows students to quickly see what requirements they would need to fulfill if they were to declare a given major or minor, or to change their current major or minor.
  • Educational Planner. This feature will allow students and their advisors to create academic plans for future semesters.
  • GPA Calculators. Degree Works offers three different GPA calculators to allow students to calculate their GPA based on both existing grades and possible future grades


Degree Works Launch Timeline

Degree Works is being rolled out in stages:

Date Group
September 2021 Undeclared Students
October 2021 All seniors expected to graduate in Dec. 2021
November 2021 All seniors expected to graduate in May 2022
March 2022 Sophomores and Juniors
Spring 2022 Student Education Planner functionality

Training Resources

Degree Works Tutorial for Faculty Advisors


Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be able to use Degree Works?

All students and faculty advisors will eventually have access to Degree Works. (See the timeline above.) Students will be able to see their own academic records, while advisors will be able to access information about their assigned advisees.

How will I access Degree Works?

For students:

If you currently hae access to Degree Works (see timeline above), you can access it by going to myOxy ⇒ Academics ⇒ Grades & Academics Records. Once you have arrived at your Grades & Academic Records profile, select the "Core Requirements" link in the lower right-hand corner. This will bring you to your Degree Works dashboard. 

For advisors: 

Go to myOxy ⇒ Acad Infor & Advising ⇒ Advisee Listing/Advising Transcript and select the student whose recorde you wish to see. Once the student record is open, select the "Core Requirements" link in the lower right-hand corner. If the student is currently in Degree Works (see timline above), you will be brought to the Degree Works dashboard. You will need to either enter the students ID number or select their name from the drop-down menu. For students who are not yet in Degree Works, you will see the usual Core Program table within the Advising Transcript/Grades & Academic Records interface. 

How do I interpret the Degree Works audits? 

The Degree Works dashboard organizes sets of requirements into "blocks"—that is, you will have see a block for your degree requirements (e.g. a total of 128 units, 2.0 or higher GPA, etc.), and additional blocks for Core requirements and any majors and minors that have been declared. Within a block, each requirement is displayed on its own line with an icon indicating that requirement's status:

  • A green check mark indicates that the requirement has been fulfilled
  • A half-filled blue circle indicates that requirement will be fulfilled at the end of the semester (pending successful completion of the indicated course)
  • A red open circle indicates that the requirement has not yet been completed

Below you can see an excerpt from an audit of the Core Requirement. Degree Works uses the @ sign as a wildcard. When you see "@ @" it indicates that any course could fulfill the requirement as long as it is tagged with the appropriate attribute. In the actual dashboard, you would be able to click on the blue text to see a list of qualifying courses.

Note: The example above is fictitious and does not reflect actual student data.