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Courtney Saqueton '23 was awarded the Fulbright Research Award to conduct cancer research in Spain

Where are you going, and what work will you be doing on your fellowship?

I am headed to Madrid, Spain in September to work in the Spanish National Cancer Research Center where I will be researching genetic indicators of immunotherapy toxicity in cancer patients. I will be working in Dr. Anna González-Neira's lab where I will perform both biochemical assays and software analysis.

What are you most excited about?

I am most excited to explore - to find people and places that will be my new favorites and to learn from everyone around me, both within and outside of the lab.

What people, programs, or opportunities during your time at Oxy inspired you to apply for this award?

I was first inspired to apply by Oxy's Fulbright advisor Jennifer Locke, motivated by the amazing experiences that current Oxy Fulbrighters are having, encouraged by my professors who have always believed in me, and supported all along the way by my friends and family.

Do you have any advice for future Fulbright applicants?

Go for it! The application process is a long one, but you end up with a clearer understanding of yourself and your goals for the future, which is incredibly valuable whether you get the award or not. You can always back out of the application, so believe in yourself and start early!

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