Take full advantage of your session with a Writing Adviser or Faculty Specialist by following these guidelines:

  • Be ready to engage and be open to suggestions! You should expect to answer questions, take notes, edit your paper, and think aloud during the session. 
  • Bring a copy of the writing prompt or assignment as we will review it with you.
  • Bring the writing you would like to discuss; you can bring hard copies or just share a Google doc with us during the session.
  • Think about a specific focus or question(s) to guide the session. Do you need help with paragraph development? Aligning the evidence with the thesis? Integrating quotes?

Keep these tips in mind to make your visit to the Writing Center more productive:

  • Plan on 30 minutes max per visit. We can also meet with you for shorter sessions -- do not feel you must utilize all of the 30 minute time slot.
  • Expect us to read and discuss 5 pages max in a 30-minute session. If necessary, you can plan additional visits to the Writing Center to work on longer projects. 
  • Do not plan to spend all of the session time proofreading. We will recommend resources for you to consult to edit your sentences for grammar and style, and we will point out recurring errors (and show you how to correct them). 
  • Plan ahead for group projects and keep the group visit to no more than 3 people (due to our space limitations).




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