End of Semester Support and Resources

A message to Oxy students at the end of the fall semester summarizing modified grading policies as well as the support and resources that are available to them.

Dear Oxy Students,

As your classes come to a close this week and you prepare for your final assignments and exams we wanted to reach out to make sure you know of the grading policies, the processes associated with those policies, and the resources that are available to support you through the next few weeks. This semester has been fast paced and intense for you and for your instructors, and we want to do all we can to support you through the home-stretch. 

Faculty are being as flexible as they can be while maintaining what is essential to the goals of their courses and the curriculum, and the summer Emergency Academic Planning Committee modified our usual non-covid grading policies for this semester. We have moved the deadline for requests to late drop (withdraw), receive an incomplete, or request the CR/NC grade mode for your courses to December 7th. You will receive an email from Jim Herr, Oxy’s Registrar, soon after you have received this which describes these policies and the processes you need to follow, in detail. Please do read that email carefully.

We know that the end of a semester comes with an increase in stress, and there are many resources available to help you if you have questions or do not know where to turn. Answers to general questions about CR/NC and other end of semester policies can be found in the College Catalog and various department Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages, including on the sites of the registrar, student affairs, advising, and the COVID-19 related policy adjustments page. Many of you may have specific questions that are related to your individual circumstances, and there are many offices and individuals who are able to help you think through the answers to these questions. You can reach out to your academic advisor, the Registrar’s Office, the Dean of Students Office, or the Advising Center to talk about your specific questions.

For academic support and personal support we urge you to also look at the student success website to find resources that will be helpful. As usual, Student Success Advisors from the Dean of Students office, Disability Services, Advising Center, and Dean of the College's Office are available if you have questions, so please feel free to reach out to Vivian Garay Santiago, Luci Masredjian, Mariam Ashchyan, Ed Johnson (all cc-ed here), or me if you would like to talk through resources and strategies for your success.

For support with final papers the Writing Center will hold two Virtual Write-ins, one on Monday, November 23rd, 2-5pm PST, and the other on Monday, November 30th, 4-6pm PST.  Follow them on Instagram at oxywritingcenter for more information. Finally, be on the lookout for information over the next week or so from SLICE, ORSL and other student affairs staff who will be offering study breaks and other opportunities to support you.

Wishing you the best for the holiday next week, and for the final few weeks of this semester,

Take care,

Caro Brighouse
Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs