Dean of Students Rob Flot welcomes students to Occidental College

The Dean of Students office strives to create and promote a community that supports the success of our students both in and out of the classroom.

We seek and encourage collaboration with faculty, staff, and administrators from throughout the College to ensure that students have a network of support, and that they experience a culture that cares about their development and success.

To that end, the Dean of Students team embraces and promotes a philosophy called the "Culture of Care." This philosophy is aligned with the statement in the College's mission that emphasizes the value of maximizing the potential fulfillment of all members of the community.

Our team values supporting and engaging with all Oxy students. Our students bring rich and diverse experiences to campus, with many intersections amid the various aspects of their identities. In our work with students, the Dean of Students team strives to embrace the complex cultural and social identities that are embodied within them, as we work to help our students thrive at Oxy.

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