Below you will find information about Oxy’s current COVID-19 testing policies, protocols and case data.

Please do not eat, drink or smoke at least one hour before testing. Testing, which uses a salivary sample, should take you about 15 minutes to complete and you will receive your results the following day via a message from the portal.

Updated 9/7/23

Fall 2023 Testing Guidance

As we have done throughout the year, the COVID Operations Group continues to seek guidance from LA County public health officials and consult with our own medical experts as we determine health and safety protocols for our community. The following outlines changes to Oxy’s COVID testing protocol this fall:

COVID Testing Location and Hours
  • Emmons Wellness Center
  • Monday - Friday 9:00 am - noon & 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Occasionally Emmons will be closed to attend mandatory all-staff meetings or training. In these instances, we will send an alert out to campus indicating our altered hours for that day.
  • Please allow enough time to get your COVID test. Emmons can get crowded and has limited staff to administer tests. Each test takes at least 15-minutes, but your waiting time may be longer depending on testing demand.
Who is eligible for on-campus COVID testing?
  • All students experiencing symptoms.
  • All students who were exposed to COVID, whether the exposure happened on-campus or not. Any exposure to a COVID-positive case counts as an exposure for students.
  • Any employee who was exposed to a COVID-positive case at work (whether that work was performed on-campus or not).
Where else can COVID tests be accessed after-hours or on weekends?
  • Emmons currently uses rapid antigen tests, which are also available at pharmacies and online retailers.
  • Search for a testing site near you.
  • If you have at-home antigen tests that are expired, check here first before you throw them out - they might still be good!
  • If your test wasn't done at Emmons, please alert of your positivity so we can complete contact-tracing and advise on isolation dates.