Find everything you need to know about living, learning and working on campus as we continue the in-person Oxy experience during COVID-19.

Update as of January 6, 2022

In consideration of the Omicron variant, the start of the Spring 2022 semester has been delayed one week and will now begin Monday, January 24. The first week of classes will be remote. Students are encouraged to return to campus between January 18-28 if possible, and all students will be tested upon their return. Employees who do not need to be on campus should work remotely until Tuesday, January 18. Booster shots are required for all eligible staff and employees by January 18. After returning to campus all students will be tested weekly at minimum for at least the first month of the semester. All faculty and staff working on campus will also be tested weekly until further notice.

Additional details on spring semester plans 

Updated 1/21/22

Booster Shot Requirement

New guidance from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the L.A. County Department of Public Health recommends that everyone over 18 get a booster shot. Consistent with that guidance, Oxy has updated its vaccine policy to require all students, staff and faculty who are eligible to receive COVID-19 booster shots to do so by January 18. Please upload your proof of booster vaccination to using these instructions.

Vaccination & Testing Requirements

All students, faculty, and staff must be fully vaccinated and boosted in order to be on campus. The only exceptions are those granted on medical or religious grounds. Given recent developments with the Delta and Omicron variants, the College has expanded the scope of its testing protocols. All students returning for the Spring 2022 semester must get tested on the day of their arrival on campus, and all faculty and staff will be tested weekly until further notice.

Upcoming Testing Hours, Spring 2022
Fri. 1/21: 8 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Sat. 1/22: 8 - 11:45 a.m
Normal testing hours (M-F, 8 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.) resume Mon. 1/24

Masking Guidelines

As was the case last semester, everyone must be masked while indoors on campus, as required by state and county health authorities. Given the latest guidance, cloth masks are no longer permitted indoors at the College. All community members, faculty, staff and students are required to wear surgical grade medical masks or higher quality. Please review our current guidance.

Employee Guidance

Consistent with our plan for in-person classes to resume on 1/31, we expect all offices that work with students to be back in person by 1/31. Given students have already started to return, some offices have been back in person already or will resume in-person on Monday. Vice presidents will provide department-specific guidance.

Symptom Management & Guidance

Being on campus this winter, in combination with the change of seasons, means that we fully expect to see an increase in cold and flu symptoms—symptoms that can also be consistent with COVID. It is important that anyone experiencing symptoms test for COVID-19 to either identify or rule out COVID to minimize the chance of community spread. More info on symptom management.

Exposure Management: FAQs regarding positive cases and close contacts

We have commonly been hearing questions such as “How is Oxy managing cases?" and “What should I do if I have symptoms, or if my friend, classmate or colleague tested positive?" We’ve updated the site with new content and answers to many FAQs in this area that we hope will provide more clarity for students, faculty, and staff. Please review the resources and FAQs in our Exposure Management section.

Event Resources: Checking proof of vaccination for non-Oxy attendees

We have updated our event guidance, which includes the requirement of proof of vaccination for non-Oxy attendees of indoor events. To support event organizers on campus, we’ve updated the website to include specific resources regarding event management and guidance for checking proof of vaccination.

Campus Access/Visitors

The campus grounds are currently open to all community members. Visitors will be asked to follow the current guidance that applies to students, staff and faculty and to mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Community members who host visitors are responsible for informing visitors of the applicable rules.

Independent contractors and volunteers who are hired by or invited to Oxy must show proof of vaccination. Volunteers and contractors should follow all other relevant health and safety policies, including wearing masks indoors. For prospective students and families: we have resumed our in-person campus tours!

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