Your Oxy experience shaped your life and set you on your career path.

As a young alum, supporting the Oxy Fund is a meaningful way to honor that experience and enrich the lives of today’s students – Tigers who right now are participating in a student organization, making new friends on the Quad, studying in the library, competing with their team, and conducting research alongside their professors.

Join your fellow Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) alumni in making a philanthropic impact on your alma mater! The Young Leaders Circle recognizes the support of Oxy’s young alumni leaders and is tiered based on the number of years since graduation.

Whether or not you are able to make a leadership-level gift at this time, you can make a difference in the lives of current Tigers as you build your career, family and future. Gifts in any amount count toward our alumni participation rate, enhancing the value of your degree, increasing Oxy’s college rankings, and opening doors for additional funding from corporations and foundations. 

If you are interested in young alumni philanthropic or volunteer opportunities, please contact us at
(323) 341-4OXY or


Contact Institutional Advancement
AGC Administrative Center 100

Occidental College
1600 Campus Road M-36
Los Angeles, CA 90041