Facts and figures pertaining to all things Oxy


Recent Oxy graduates and other alumni headed abroad to study and teach as Fulbright Scholars, breaking Oxy's record of 12 established in 2013. This year's recipients are Jacqueline Ayala '14, Asha Canady '12, Tania Flores '13, Kristina Geiger '14, Alexandra Loomer '14, Ryan Metzler '14, Nicholas Nam '13, Jason Prebel '14, Pablo Romano '14, Pauline Shoemaker '12, Lauren Siverly '14, Juliet Suess '14, and Haiyun (Julie) Xu '14. The College has produced 73 Fulbright honorees since 2003.


Estimated print run of Amazing Spider-Man #1, writer Dan Slott '89's reboot of the flagship Marvel comic, with Peter Parker back in the Spidey suit after an 18-month absence. It's the most heavily ordered comic book of the 21st century, beating out the old Amazing Spider-Man #583 from 2009, which featured President Barack Obama '83.


Average number of miles traveled to attend Oxy, according to an analysis of data collected from nearly 350,000 teenage users of Niche from 2012 to 2014. Occidental ranked seventh among all colleges and universities in the survey (trailing No. 1 Reed by 339 miles).