The Wander Years
Words of advice to Oxy's graduating Class of 2014: Step out, take chances, and embrace life's journey
Fifty Going on 60
Oxy's Fifty Year Club welcomes the Class of 1964 to its ranks, continuing a rite of passage that dates back to 1954
Facts and figures pertaining to all things Oxy
Summer reading possibilities from Breanne Fahs '01, Susan Coll '81, and Désirée Zamorano; and a new mini-history of Oxy baseball
Oxy's Moore Laboratory for Zoology spreads its wings with a National Science Foundation grant; Raffy Cortina '13 meets fellow Student Academy Award-winning filmmaker Spike Lee; and more.
Kahanes United
A $5.5-million pledge from Elizabeth and Bill Kahane '70 strengthens a signature program for a better world
World Class
Reaffirming Oxy's commitment to global citizenship in historic Johnson Hall, the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs and Choi Auditorium put a forward spin on the possibilities of...
Alumni reflect on Bill Neblett and John McMenamin, the price of access to the president, and the "greatest distance runner in Oxy history"
Doing Arizona Proud
Freshman Rep. Demion Clinco '02 attended a reception at the White House with the Obamas after standing up for gay rights. But jumpstarting the state's economy is his main agenda
Summer 14_Mellon
Fruits of Mellon
Two years into Oxy's Labs for the Liberal Arts program—the product of a $750,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation—what experiments have been tried? What have we learned?
Bullish Over Broadway
Corey Brunish '77 has been a fixture of the Portland, Ore., theater scene for decades—and with his recent triumphs as a Tony-winning producer, he's conquering the Great White Way as well
Kitchen Nightmares
Butane hash oil is the latest home-cooking craze in the marijuana community. It's also the most explosive—and that keeps deputy district attorney Ashley Rosen '00 busy
The Ballad of Johnson & Held
Blake Nielsen '05 and Chris Smutny '05 stake a claim in the custom belt buckle business with an entrepreneurial spirit honed at Oxy
Wide Open Spaces
When John Howell '71 needs to get away from it all, he disappears into the San Gabriel Mountains. Now his job is to preserve that environment for plants and wildlife as well
Second Calling
Gene Grigsby '66 left a successful career in urban planning to take a flyer on fixing an ailing National Health Foundation. With an innovative program that addresses healthcare costs for...