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Humbug! Wendy Jean Katz
Spring 2020

From New York City's "penny" papers to feminist manifestos for the revolution: new books and music by Oxy authors

Winter 2020

New books by Oxy alumni and faculty

The North Pole
Fall 2019

New books—and a web series—by Oxy alumni

Summer 2019

New books and TV shows with an Oxy connection

Shrill Lindy West
Spring 2019

New books, articles, and TV series with an Oxy connection

Heartlock Mixed Media
Winter 2019

New books, articles, and films from Oxy alumni and faculty

Summer 2018

New books and research from Oxy alumni and faculty

Spring 2018

New books and music from Oxy alumni and faculty

Frederick Douglass
Fall 2017

New books, music, and movies with an Oxy connection

Summer 2013

HGTV designer wannabes take on the SAE and Alpha houses; a documentary details the grueling and mysterious Master Sommelier Diploma Examination; and Annette Bening headlines a list of coming attractions with an Oxy connection