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Alumni Seal Honorees Occidental College
Spring 2020

With plans for Alumni Reunion Weekend on ice, this year’s Alumni Seal recipients reflect on their Oxy experience and their daily routine in “the new normal”

Alice Walker Duff, Joe Duff
Winter 2020

With Alice Walker Duff ’69 and husband Joe Duff ’68 leading the charge, a generation of Black student activists rallies together to support academic and life success for the underrepresented

Steve Rountree
Summer 2019

Stephen Rountree ’71 steps up as chair of Oxy’s Board of Trustees in the midst of a capital campaign and the search for the College’s 16th president—with his own milestone reunion just around the corner

Summer Research Program
Summer 2019

Oxy’s Summer Research Program marks 20 years of explorations, observations, and presentations

Frank Hardison
Spring 2019

Eighty years after graduating, Frank Hardison ’39 has all but checked off his bucket list—but at 102, he still has a wanderlust for new adventures

Micol Garinkol, Jacques Lesure
Winter 2019

Seniors Micol Garinkol and Jacques Lesure bring new energy to the table in conversations with senior administrators as they work to awaken interest in the potential of student government

Shanda Ness
Winter 2019

Shanda Ness will join Occidental in March as the College’s new athletic director.

Fall 2018

Oxy’s next generation of academics reflects on the College, their research, and the value of mentoring 

Summer 2018

New books and research from Oxy alumni and faculty

Summer 2018

From Shakespeare to statistics to literature to dance, John Bouchard and Alan Knoerr shared their passions with the Oxy community