May 25, 2014 - La Selva Biological Station

Image for May 25, 2014 - La Selva Biological Station


Long treks through the mud
Brought us to our quarry: palms
Tall, short; big, small; GREAT!
Hay algo allá 
¿Es un mono? O Bágel?
It is hard to tell.
Statistical tests
Significant p-values!
More data needed.
Low grubmles above 
A giant beauty, hidden
Another day, macaw
Bonding with new friends
Beans, beans the magical fruit...
We are now so close!
Boot stuck in the mud
Thought I was going to die
Spider in my face
Corner of my eye
Curassow and tinamou
A birder's delight
Beans and rice are good
Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
Please God no more please
Tyra, where are you?
Ominous, elusive, quick,
Sleek, black, streak--gotcha!
Another day passed
Boas have not been spotted
Whiptails can suffice
Why do palms grow? Why? 
Boots, pants, GPS; oh my!
Ready to collect
What did we find there?
Data on light, soil, slope, land use
We conclude...nothing.
Get the camera quick! 
Can you see them through the trees?
Howler monkeys!
Festive whiptail
Hair fungus can happen? What!
Mm bread. Is there more?
Monkey goes roof roof
Human echo goes roof roof roof
Stick thrown, poop prep. Run!
One snap, two snap, look!
The white-capped manakin dances
No ladies in sight
Hunting in the night
For red-eyed tree frogs but still
Smokey jungle frogs
Showering with them
Next to me is unnerving
Hello little bug!
Bird or bug or frog?
On sound, eternal question
I may never know
Bullet ants scurry
Hither and thither across
Palms, palms, palms, what? Palms.
Prop, no stilt, no prop, no stilt.
Roots, palms have them. Yay!
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-Tropical Ecology 2014 Class