All vehicles parked on campus must display at all times an official campus permit.  Motorcycle permits must be displayed near the license plate. Parking on campus is permissible in posted and designated areas only. 

Parking on campus is enforced 24 hours a day for emergency and disabled parking zones.  All other parking zones on campus are enforced Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm.


When you are issued a parking permit, you have entered into a contract with Occidental College. The Board of Trustees, its administration, or other employees are not and shall not be liable under any circumstances for loss or damage to vehicles or contents thereof parked on College property by fire, theft, or any other cause whatsoever not arising directly from the negligent acts of the Board of Trustees or its employees acting within the scope of their employment.

Parking Permits for Students and Employees

Campus parking permits are available free of charge and valid for one year. Parking permits may be obtained at the Campus Safety Office, located in the Facilities Management building. Permits may be transferred to another vehicle or an additional permit may be obtained at no cost. Receipt of a parking permit does not guarantee the availability of a specific parking space on campus. Request a Parking Permit.

Temporary Parking Permits for Visitors and Vendors

Temporary parking permits are available at no cost from Campus Safety. The permit must be displayed on the rear-view mirror and be dated to be valid.  Parking for visitors and vendors is available in Green zoned areas only.  Students living off campus do not qualify as a visitor to campus.


Departments hosting events and activities on campus must obtain a temporary parking permit for invited guests from Campus Safety.  Be certain your invited guests have temporary parking permits and have instructions on where they may park for the event. If you are hosting a seminar or special event during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), be sure to make parking arrangements in advance with Campus Safety. Email us at


Contractors and service providers are to obtain parking permits as they check in with the Facilities Management department.

Parking Citations

Citations will be issued for improper parking. Vehicles may be parked only in designated areas. Vehicles  may not be parked on lawns or landscaped areas. The absence of posted signs, or vandalized signs, does not constitute a valid excuse for parking in any restricted space or zone. The registered owner, according to College or DMV records, will be held responsible for the vehicle at all times it is on campus, including payment of fines if and when that vehicle is in violation of campus regulations.

Upon receipt of three or more citations or warnings, a vehicle may be immobilized with a device known as the "Denver Boot," or towed from the campus at the owner's expense. Following booting, the vehicle will be released only after the fines are paid in full or arrangements for payment are made with the Director of Campus Safety.

Abandoned or Disabled Vehicles

Vehicles parked on campus that are determined by Campus Safety to be abandoned will be removed at the owner's expense after 10 days. Parts and fluids used in the maintenance, service or repair of a vehicle must be disposed of in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations. Repair and or service to a vehicle that would take longer than 24 hours to complete are not to be initiated on campus.

If you have questions about hazardous materials disposal, call the College Environmental Health and Safety Manager at (323) 259-2933.

Contact Campus Safety 24/7
Facilities Management Building

Fire, Paramedics, & Police: 911
(or 9-911 from a campus phone)
Northeast Community Police Station

Contact us through the LiveSafe app