Welcome to the Office of Master Calendar - Home of Occidental’s space reservation system: Resource 25

Instructions for using the Master Calendar vary depending upon the nature of the event and the relationship of the event planner to the College.  Please review the information below and follow the instructions applicable to the event you are planning.  For any questions, please contact Master Calendar Coordinator Angela Choi at  mastercalendar@oxy.edu or (323) 259-1464.

Students: Student Events must be registered through the Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement (SLICE) office. A representative from OSL will request your space through the Master Calendar.

Faculty and Staff:  Internal Space Reservations fall into two categories:

  1. Internal Events for students, faculty and/or staff: Participants consist of Oxy students, faculty and/or staff - but a guest or two is okay. Once you are a registered R25 User, you may request space. To become a User, contact mastercalendar@oxy.edu.

  2. All Other Events: Other internal and sponsored (defined as a collaboration with an external entity) events must be pre-approved by at least one of the following;

    1. CEAC (Campus Events Advisory Committee)

    2. Office of the Dean of the College (℅ Liz Boyd)

    3. Office of the President (℅ Laura Crescenzo)

Recurring events do not need renewed approval unless the event presents new or challenging circumstances (e.g., large audiences, catering, alcohol, security, significant parking needs):

Space/event reservations without prior approval are subject to space/event cancellation by the College at any time. If you have any doubt about the status of your event, contact our office or the chair of CEAC.

How to obtain event approval:

First, we suggest that you review the Event Planning Resources web page. This contains helpful information about planning events to comply with various legal and College requirements.

CEAC: This is the most expedient way to receive College approval and ensure that your event is compliant with College policies. CEAC meets on Tuesdays over the noon hour; weekly during the academic year, and monthly during the summer.  We suggest you plan to visit 4-6 weeks in advance for major events, and a minimum of 3 weeks in advance for smaller events. This allows the resource departments represented on CEAC enough time to assist you with your event needs. To schedule a 15 minute appointment with CEAC, contact Alanna Bailey, Department Assistant, Office of Student Life: slice@oxy.edu (323) 259-2918.

Dean of the College: For academic affairs-related events, you may work with CEAC and/or the Dean’s Office. Contact Liz Boyd, Administrator of Academic and Faculty Affairs: boyde@oxy.edu (323) 259-1326.

Office of the President: For high profile or new campus-wide events contact Laura Crescenzo, Assistant Director of Event Planning: crescenzo@oxy.edu (323) 259-1436.  

External Requests: Space/meeting/event reservations for external groups and organizations should be channeled through the appropriate entity:

Conferences, Meetings, Filming: conference@oxy.edu
Athletic Facilities: cvallembois@oxy.edu
Catering and Private Social Events: celebrations@oxy.edu
Performing Arts Facilities: brianf@oxy.edu
Oxy Arts on York myesayan@oxy.edu
All Other: conference@oxy.edu