The College logo, visuals and more

We have developed a style guide for the Oxy community to serve as a resource to create visual consistency and address commonly asked questions. While every piece of communication doesn’t need to look the same, correctly applying these design principles will help ensure consistency and increase effectiveness across the wide range of materials produced across the College each year.

The style guide has a number of visual examples that explain best practices in an easy-to-understand way. If you have questions that are not covered in the style guide, please contact our office for assistance.  

We also have created a number of easy-to-use templates you can use to create professional-looking materials consistent with the College style guide.

The Occidental College Logo

The most recognizable symbol of our College community and set of shared values is the College logo.  The logo serves as a visual shorthand representing the attributes that make Occidental special. By being consistent in our use of the College logo for internal and external communications, our collective efforts across all platforms work together to reinforce our identity for all audiences.

Requesting Logos

While the style guide contains specific information on logo usage, below is a quick primer. Logos cannot be downloaded from this site. Contact our office for help on getting the right logo for your communication needs.  


Sometimes the colors or layout you are working with require a di​fferent logo format:


Proper logo usage also covers what not to do when it comes to the college logo. Common examples include:


Centennial Seal

The mark below was created for use in conjunction with the College's centennial in 1987. It is not the official College seal (which is used on diplomas), nor is it the College logo. The centennial seal is used only on limited occasions when a formal seal is called for, and never in conjunction with the College logo. If using the centennial seal, be sure to use only the version you see here, and not an older version.  When used, the centennial seal should be placed apart from the college logo - never adjacent to the logo (as shown below).


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