In addition to embedding videos, you can embed other content and rich media via iFrame using the rich text editor.

You can embed any content that has an iFrame embed option on, including Google Maps, Google Forms, a Google calendar, Soundcloud clips, and more. We have included links to generate iFrame code for Google's most popular tools below, but any iFrame can be embedded using the same method.

Instructions for generating iFrame embed code

Instructions for embedding an iFrame on your webpage

  1. Once you have created the iFrame code for the content you want to embed, copy only the html that is between the quotation marks after "src" (the iframe source). Do not copy the entire iframe embed code.
  2. Go to the edit screen of your page.
  3. Put your cursor where you would like your to embed your iFrame.
  4. Click the “iframe" icon. 
  5. Paste the iFrame source that you copied into the URL field. Set the width to 100%, and adjust the height based on the content that you want to embed. For taller content like a form, you can use anything between 600 and 800px.
  6. Save the page.
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