Fundraisers (By Students/Clubs)

Students are responsible for knowing the following:

Students, clubs and organizations who wish to organize fundraisers on campus must adhere to the following policies:

Registering Fundraisers

All fundraisers must be registered as events with SLICE according to the Event Registration policy and procedures, which can be found on the Plan Events website.

All fundraisers must adhere to event rules and regulations established by the College, which can be found on the Event Policies website.

Fundraising in Residence Halls

The Office of Residential Education and Housing Services must approve any fundraising activity in the residence halls.

Soliciting Alumni and Off-Campus Groups

Students or groups who wish to solicit alumni, off-campus groups or businesses as a means of financial support must gain approval from the AVP for Alumni and Parent Engagement, the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, or the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Finance, Planning and Operations, in addition to registering with Office of Student Life.

All organizations and individuals interested in seeking external support or soliciting gifts from potential donors, including alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, corporations, foundations, and government agencies, will apply for College's Advancement Strategy Group (ASG) prior to soliciting potential donors. This request should include a description of the fundraising objective, the dollar goal for the effort and a list (description) of the targeted audience. Following review and approval from the ASG, those seeking funds shall work in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Advancement to plan and implement their fundraising efforts.

Individuals or entities who receive gifts should contact the ASOC Finance Manager and the Office of Institutional Advancement to arrange for the processing of those gifts through the College's gift processing system and to ensure compliance with NACUBO accounting standards.

Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations

A student group may raise funds or conduct non-commercial sales for a nonprofit organization provided the following guidelines are met:

  1. The organization receiving proceeds needs to submit proof of nonprofit status to the Office of Student Life.
  2. The fundraiser or sale is consistent with the goals and principles of the sponsoring organization and is of benefit to the Occidental community.
  3. The sponsoring student organization participates in the activity and is present during the fundraiser.
  4. All monies raised are deposited into the group's ASOC account before being dispersed to the off-campus nonprofit organization.
  5. All monies raised must go to the off-campus nonprofit organization.


Last updated July 20, 2015