Students are responsible for knowing the following:

For the health and safety of all members of the community, residents are expected to comply with all fire and safety regulations required by the College or applicable local, state and federal law. Fire drills are held throughout the year. Instructions for the evacuation of the halls in the event of a fire or emergency are provided in student rooms. Use of fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment without the existence of an actual fire is a violation of California Penal Code 148.4. Triggering a false fire alarm could result in misdemeanor charges, fines, and/or severe disciplinary action.

All residents must evacuate the residence hall or house in the event a fire alarm is activated, whether for the purpose of a drill or in the case of an actual fire. Residents and their guests must meet at their hall's designated meeting spot to check-in and to receive further instruction from a staff member. Students who fail to comply with this policy will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

Fire hoses and extinguishers are installed for resident protection. Residents are urged to read directions on fire extinguishers to be sure they understand the type of fire for which the extinguisher is effective and how to operate it in case of need.

Most residence halls have fire alarm systems with magnetic door holders that keep fire doors open until the fire alarm system is activated at which time all fire doors will close. Fire doors are not to be propped open or blocked, and exits, hallways or stairwells may not be blocked.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are present in individual rooms and common areas of each residence hall. Smoke detectors are potential life saving devices. To ensure that smoke detectors are used appropriately and serve their designed function, residents are prohibited from dismantling, removing batteries, suspending objects from or tampering with detectors. Residents who are responsible for misusing smoke detectors will be charged for repair and/or replacement costs and face disciplinary action. Please report any problems with smoke detectors to REHS staff, Facilities Management or Campus Safety immediately.


Students may decorate their residence hall rooms with posters and similar decorations as long as they do not cause damage to the room, are not considered a fire hazard and do not violate any Occidental College and Residential Education and Housing Services policies.



Last reviewed:  July, 2020 


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