Students are responsible for knowing the following:

Please see "Propping Open Exterior Doors" for more information.

While Campus Safety may make occasional rounds through the residence halls, the ultimate responsibility for the security of a resident's room lies with the resident and the security of the hall rests upon the community. Residents are urged to keep their room doors locked at all times and refrain from propping open exterior doors. Students are also encouraged to report any strangers in the building to the Residential Education and Housing Services staff or Campus Safety. Residents are reminded not to let anyone they do not personally recognize as a fellow resident into their residence hall.

Do not leave personal items such as backpacks and laptop computers unattended at any time. If a theft occurs, contact Campus Safety immediately. Items such as stereos, cameras, etc., may be marked with the owner's driver license number or other information. Campus Safety loans engravers for this purpose.

It is highly recommended that residents purchase property insurance for personal belongings. Many residents already have renter's or home owner's insurance through a family policy or they can extend coverage to their property for a minimal cost. Applications for renter's insurance are located in the Office of Residential Education and Housing Services. The College is not a party to students' transactions with insurance companies.



Last reviewed: July, 2020

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