ASOC Election

2021 Election Results

ASOC President: Ellie Findell
ASOC Finance Director: Braedon Hatt
ASOC Senate VP of Academic Affairs: Hannah Christensen
ASOC Senate VP of External Affairs: Mali Abel
ASOC Senate VP of Financial Affairs: Angela Chen
ASOC Senate VP of Internal Affairs: Adam Cole

ASOC Senate Senior Class Senator: Priya Ahmad
ASOC Senate Class Senators: Lucy Stevenson and Will Powers
ASOC Senate Class Senators: Zander Patent and Adrien Schaal

2021 Amended ASOC Constitution

It does not pass because it did not meet the minimum required number of votes, 20% of the student body.

2021 New Fee Structure

It does not pass because it did not meet the minimum required number of votes, 20% of the student body.

Position Descriptions

Senate Class Senators

  • Serve on at least two committees designated by the Senate.
  • Serve as liaisons and representatives to constituents.
  • Establish oneself as a resource to their constituents by hosting events and through other appropriate methods.
  • Serve in one of the following Director positions:
    • Club
    • Community Engagement
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Labor
    • Residential Affairs vi. Student Safety
    • Sustainability
    • Wellness
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the President or Senate.

Senate VP of Financial Affairs

  • Facilitate and host the Financial Affairs Committee.
  • Work with other members of the Senate to publicize funding guidelines and funding processes.
  • Introduce each funding request at the Senate meeting; outline any questions or concerns with each particular funding request.
  • Communicate and meet with the ASOC Finance Manager about funding allocations, reversals, and questions as often as necessary.
  • Review and draft changes to the Senate Funding Guidelines and ASOC Funding Guidelines in collaboration with the Vice President of Policies
  • Coordinate the annual budget review process.
  • Manage all capital improvement and arts endowment requests.
  • Meet semesterly with the Chief Operating Officer to offer a student perspective on the financial strategies, financial planning, and budget management functions of the College.
  • Meet with Student Service Managers to discuss operations and report back to the Senate on their achievement and address concerns.
  • Ensure that they provide an annual detailed performance report.

Senate VP of Internal Affairs

  • Facilitate the Internal Affairs Committee.
  • Moderate the Project Planning Document.
  • Facilitate appointments to the Senate.
  • Facilitate the application and/or appointment processes for student leadership positions across the Board of Trustees, campus committees,
  • councils, and working groups, when appropriate.
  • Develop and attend Senate training sessions.
  • Meet with the Chief of Administrative Affairs semesterly to discuss community building and communication with students, faculty, staff, and trustees.

Senate VP of External Affairs

  • Facilitate the External Affairs Committee.
  • Manage publicity for Senate events and referendums.
  • Manage all Senate social media and the ASOC website.
  • Program campus-wide Senate events.
  • Support Senate members that wish to host town halls or other community-based events.
  • Meet with the Vice President of Communications and Institutional Initiatives semesterly to develop the College’s visual identity and work on communication advice for organizations across the campus.
  • Collaborate with other college campuses to share best practices for elevating student voice. 

Senate VP of Academic Affairs

  • Act as a liaison between the Dean of the College and students on academic matters.
  • Meet regularly with the Registrar and faculty concerning academic affairs.
  • Manage the Textbook Reserve Program and other academic projects
  • Maintains the right to attend faculty meetings and invite a delegation of students to attend, subject to the Dean’s approval.
  • Coordinate with various academic programs and departments designed to support students including but not limited to the Center for Digital Liberal Arts (CDLA), International Programs Office (IPO), Scientific Scholars Achievement Program (SSAP), Writing Center and Disability Services. 

ASOC Finance Director

  • Work alongside the ASOC Finance Manager to oversee the financial affairs of ASOC, including each branch.
  • Work with the Executive Committee and the finance chair of each branch to review, publicize, and enforce the funding guidelines and funding processes.
  • Maintain constant communication with the finance chair of each branch about funding allocations, processes, and questions.
  • Communicate and meet with the ASOC Finance Manager about funding allocations, reversals, and questions as often as necessary.
  • The ASOC Finance Director, in consultation with the ASOC President and ASOC Finance Manager, will perform a periodic review (3&9, 6&6, 9&3 quarterly assessment) to monitor actual and projected revenues and expenditures. 
    • Upon completion of the budget review, the quarterly assessments are presented to the Executive Committee for verification, adjustment and approval.
  • Coordinate the annual budget review process and have a finalized budget for the following fiscal year ready for Executive Committee vote before the end of the school year.
  • Meet semesterly with the Chief Operating Officer to offer a student perspective on the financial strategies, financial planning, and budget management functions of the College.
  • Serve on the College’s Budget and Strategic Advisory Committee.
  • Meet with Student Service Managers to discuss operations and report back to the Executive Committee on their achievement and address concerns.
  • Ensure that they provide an annual detailed performance report. 

ASOC President

  • Serve as the primary ASOC liaison to the President of the College, the Dean of Students, and the Board of Trustees.
  • Regularly update the student body on the work of ASOC and the College.
  • Attend and chair all meetings of the Executive Committee, including moderating discussions and facilitating voting.
  • Set the agenda and send it out to the Executive Committee at least 48 hours prior to the meeting and to the campus public at least.
  • Frequently attend the meetings of each branch to give an update and to listen to the members of said branch.
  • Deliver a speech at the Orientation Welcome.
  • Set ASOC Executive Committee House Rules.
  • Sign ASOC checks at the request of the ASOC Finance Manager.
  • Create special committees contingent to the approval of the Executive Committee.
  • Advocate for increased student representation in all campus committees, councils, and working groups.
  • Work alongside relevant campus resources to provide orientation and leadership development opportunities for student leaders.
  • Serve on committees as the representative of ASOC, including the College’s Budget and Strategic Advisory Committee (BSAC), and the Equity and Inclusion Group (EIG). 

Candidate Platforms

Sophomore Class Senators

Zander Patent

Hello, my name is Zander, I am a first year and I am running to be your sophomore senator! I am from Chicago, IL and will be majoring in politics. I am super excited to be representing the future sophomore class. My main goal as senator is to foster a welcoming community where students can voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions. As senator, I promise to not only be an adequate voice for the student body, rather I will go above and beyond to make sure your voices are heard in student government! I am looking forward to connecting with our class and working with you all to create a better community. Thank you so much for voting!

Adrien Schaal

I’m Adrien, I grew up in the suburbs of Paris and lived there most of life. I chose to move to the states because my American mother bestowed on me her passion for this country. I am obsessed with a lot of things in life, my passions (outside of politics, of course) range from photography and video all the way to skincare, as well as technology and fashion. I am a very proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and have been extremely grateful for Oxy’s views and policies that keep (positively) surprising me each day. Outside of policy and projects, all I want is to be a solid bridge between ASOC (and the administration) and you, the student body. I know it can be hard for a lot of students to actually reach out to these organizations. I want to be an accessible, down-to-earth and trustworthy way for you to voice your ideas and concerns to the school representatives.

Junior Class Senators

Jackson Andrews

Hello all! My name is Jackson Andrews and I am running for the position of Junior Senator. As a player on the baseball team, Oxy’s athletic community was the foundation of my first two years of college. The meaningful connections I made with my teammates made me realize how much I value community, which is why this year, I’d like to expand on my experience as a member of the student government. As a Junior Senator, I would take the time to learn from others how my role could be most meaningful to the student body. More than anything, the position of Junior Senator excites me because it puts me in a position to be much more involved and connected with my peers. I really appreciate you taking the time to vote, and I hope you will consider voting for me!

Will Powers

My name is Will Powers (he/him) I am currently a sophomore at Oxy majoring in DWA and minoring in education and politics. I’m running to be the Junior class senator for the upcoming school year. Our return to campus can’t be a return to “normal”, because that wasn’t working for so many at Oxy. The lesions we learned from the pandemic have to be embodied in the way our school functions. We have a golden opportunity to reshape our institution to be more equitable, transparent, and inclusive. I hope to be a voice for that change as your ASOC senator.

Lucy Stevenson

Hey everyone! My name is Lucy Stevenson, I’m a Politics major and History minor and I’m so excited to be running for Junior Senator. I’d love to serve our class and I think my positivity, communication skills, and past leadership experience would be a great fit for this role. One main focus (hopefully!) for the fall semester is our transition back into living on campus and normal college life. I want to make sure this process is fair and as smooth as possible for everyone involved, and if elected, I’d advocate for that as a class senator. Aside from that, I hope to push for transparency from all Oxy leadership and to communicate our class’ needs to ASOC and beyond.

Senior Class Senator

Priya Ahmad

Hi Everyone! My name is Priya, and I am running to be one of the Senior Class Senators. I am a Politics major and an Economics minor. On-campus, I work in the Admission Office as one of the Diversity Initiative Interns. The thing I'm missing most about the campus is being able to sit on the Quad! Please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to talk!

Senate VP of Financial Affairs

Angela Chen

Hello Oxy Tigers! I'm Angela Chen and I am running for ASOC Senate's VP of Financial Affairs! I'm a freshman that is the current VP of External Affairs on Senate. I am a very organized person and enjoy working with numbers! Moreover, I want to do the best I can to go through funding requests and be the person that ensures clubs and organizations on campus will be able to host events without the restrictions on financial issues!

Senate VP of Internal Affairs

Adam Cole

[platfrom unavailable]

Senate VP of External Affairs

Mali Abel

Hi Oxy Tigers! I’m Mali Abel and I’m running for ASOC Senate’s VP of External Affairs. I’m a current first-year class senator majoring in psychology. My communication skills will come in handy as the bridge between Senate and the student body, making sure you, the students of Oxy, are getting the transparency needed for any community input. As a mental health advocate, I plan on making sure the mental health resources on campus are well known to the student body, especially first-years and transfers. My experience with Canva and Adobe apps will be effective when making infographics used to manage the social media accounts and website. Furthermore, I plan on creating a more efficient way for student-led clubs to get their announcements out without it going unnoticed with other emails in your inbox. I know that with your support, I promise to be the best VP of External Affairs I can be because I’m ready, willing, and ABEL to represent you. Vote Mali Abel! 

VP of Academic Affairs

Hannah Christensen 

Hey Tigers! My name is Hannah Christensen (she/her/hers) and I am running for VP of Academic Affairs! This past year as a First-Year Class Senator, I’ve had the privilege of serving on the ASOC Academic Affairs Committee which has helped to give me insight into the major academic projects/initiatives/concerns that are relevant at Oxy. I’ve helped with compiling data from surveys the AAC has sent you (such as the Core Program Survey), helped with outreach for freshman/sophomore academic workshops, explored the idea of test-blind admissions, and more during my time on ASOC so far. As the VPAA, I hope to increase student involvement in Oxy’s academic planning processes, improve communication between ASOC branches to strengthen our voice as a united front, and push for a review/revision of our CSP course standards and Writing Portfolio grading process. This isn’t an exhaustive list either! I want YOU to be the driving force behind the work I do as my purpose is to advocate for your academic success and wellbeing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions! My email is Vote for Hannah!

ASOC Finance Director

Braedon Hatt

Hi y'all, my name is Braedon Hatt. I'm a rising senior English major running to be ASOC Finance Director. This is a new position created to oversee the management of student fees. In the past, I have held roles on Senate as a first-year Senator and Chief of Staff. In these roles, I have gained experience planning events, serving on student and administrative committees, recording meeting minutes, and, with Ellie Findell's help, helping rewrite the ASOC Constitution as well as Senate's bylaws. I understand the structure of how ASOC operates and I want to ensure that every student understands the investment they make in student fees, and most importantly, how they can use ASOC resources to get a return on that investment. 

ASOC President

Ellie Findell

My name is Ellie and I am so excited to be your student body president for the 2021-2022 school year. It has been a rough year for most of us and those facing intersecting layers of oppression have had it even worse. We must acknowledge the sadness and pain that so many of us feel right now but I also encourage you to let yourself hope that things will get better! I believe that as a community we can get through this and I intend to prioritize collective healing with the larger goal of systemic change so that we can better the Oxy community. I see the role of ASOC president as a position dedicated to amplifying student voices at the administrative level as well as helping students organize and advocate for their needs. I am ready to push myself and those around me to serve you the best that we can. I am stoked to meet you all in person and reconnect after too long apart. Reach out if you need anything or just want to chat.

Additional Required Voting

VOTE: 2021 Amended ASOC Constitution



VOTE: 2021 ASOC New Fee Structure


Run for Open Seats in the Fall

Running for Office

Interested in being more involved and making a difference? Running for office might be the perfect opportunity! As a part of ASOC, you’ll have the opportunity to network, gain leadership experience, and be the voice for students campus-wide. Please refer to the Election Guidelines for Eligibility Requirements.

Students running for Class Senator must acquire 20 class signatures via THIS PETITION; all other positions require 40 signatures via THIS PETITION. Please make a copy of your petition document, save it to your Google Drive, and have people sign your petition directly with their virtual signature (name and A#). You cannot sign for them. 

Please submit your virtual Google Doc petition by sharing it with the ASOC Elections Chair and Senate Advisor.

Immediately after petitions are due, there will be a short virtual candidate meeting and campaigning can begin immediately afterward. Please note campaigning for positions cannot start until the candidate meeting has taken place.

All the info you need is in the Elections Guidelines but you can also contact the ASOC Elections Chair for more information.

The mission of ASOC is to advocate on behalf of the student body, to promote discussions about how Occidental College can evolve to better serve the students, and to support and organize activities that enhance the educational, recreational, and social experience of students. All sections of ASOC serve to promote, regulate, and maintain the social and educational welfare of our student body through a student government that embodies the mission of Occidental College.