Executive Committee

The Executive Committee aims to improve communication and relations between the College administration and each of the four ASOC branches, ensuring more horizontal and shared governance and giving each branch an equal voice in the decision-making process of student body affairs.

The vision behind the creation of the Executive Committee is to ensure the active participation of all students, especially for those from marginalized and historically underrepresented backgrounds who are often excluded from traditional power structures.

ASOC President: Ellie Findell

Ellie Findell, originally from St. Paul Minnesota, is a Junior majoring in History with a minor in Critical Theory and Social Justice. In addition to her role as ASOC President, she is involved in Dance Pro, serves as a tutor within the Education Department, and works as a barista at the Green Bean. She's excited to be back in L.A. after spending most of quarantine in Minnesota, and is ready to try new yoga studios, discover more hiking trails, consume endless breakfast burritos, and see as much stand-up comedy as she can. Ellie is always excited to connect, so please reach out, if you're interested in working together or just want to talk.

ASOC Vice President: Braedon Hatt

Braedon Hatt comes from East Brookfield, Massachusetts, the youngest town in his state. He is a Senior majoring in English with minors in Theater and Politics. He is serving in the newly created ASOC Vice President role and is looking forward to uniting members of The Executive Committee to work together on projects related to student finances and services. Braedon is passionate about learning new languages, cultural exchange, art, and meeting new people. Reach out to him if you have a question about getting funding for your club on campus.

Executive Committee Secretary: Molly Sparrow

Bio coming soon!

DEB Representative: Kenya Sterns

Hey! My name is Kenya Sterns and I am a junior from Phoenix, Arizona. I am a Diplomacy and World Affairs major, and a Black Studies/Politics minor. Besides DEB, I am involved in BSA, Alpha Lambda Phi Alpha, and I work at Telefund. I love reading, being in nature, and spending time with my dogs!

DEB Representative: Ariel Igielski

Hello Oxy! My name is Ariel Igielski (she/her/hers) and I am a first year student from Seattle, Washington. I am Co-Student Life Liaison on the Diversity and Equity Board as well as a part of the Executive Committee. I am interested in the social sciences as a major, but I am still undecided about my path. I really enjoy making art, eating good food, and I am passionate about creating an equitable and supportive community on campus!

RESF Representative: Jakob Barton

Hi Oxy! My name is Jakob Barton (he/him) and I am a junior from Boston, Mass (go Sox). I currently serve on RESF and the Executive Committee. I am an Economics major and UEP minor interested in the market and policy development of clean energy in the United States. At Oxy, I play in the jazz band, and I absolutely love music in general! I also enjoy going for long hikes and sleeping out under the stars. Always feel free to reach me at my snapchat: jakob_barton445

RESF Representative: Sarah Cook

Hey! I'm Sarah Cook (she/her) from RESF, and I'm a sophomore from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I'm planning on majoring in MAC and minoring in CTSJ and UEP, with a focus on documentary filmmaking and community organizing. You will know me on campus from my weird earrings and blue eyeliner! Let me know if you need anything ever!

Senate Representative: Drew Vecellio

My name’s Drew Vecellio (he/him/his), and I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am currently a Politics senior looking towards attending law school after Oxy. I love to surround myself with passionate people, and this year I am committed to reigniting on-campus culture at Occidental after our year away. On days off, you can either find me digging through flea markets or attending outdoor concerts.

Senate Representative: Hannah Christensen

Hey Tigers! My name is Hannah Christensen (she/her/hers) and I am a sophomore from Seattle, Washington serving as the Senate Director of Academic Affairs. This is my second year as part of the Senate as I served as one of the First-Year Class Senators last year. I plan on majoring in DWA with a specific interest in the influence of religious institutions on the foreign policy attitudes of state and non-state actors. Along with ASOC I am also part of the Young Initiative on the Global Political Economy and I pole vault for the Oxy track team! In my free time, I love exploring new cafes/restaurants, thrifting, and going to the beach. You can reach me anytime at hchristensen@oxy.edu!

Honor Board Representative: Jason Park

Hello Oxy Tigers! My name is Jason Park (he/him/his), and I am a senior from San Jose, California. I am a senior Politics major and History and Spanish double minor, and I have experience in both working as well as running and holding elected office at the federal or national, state, and local levels of government, the Democratic Party, and political campaigns. As an ASOC Honor Board Juror, I serve in several different committees pertaining to a pretty wide range of facets of student life here at Occidental, so do not hesitate to ask if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or just to get to know me! My email is jpark5@oxy.edu.

Honor Board Representative: Henry Kinskey 

Hi, my name's Henry Kinskey (they/he) I am from Seattle, Washington. I am looking forward to majoring in History and minoring in CTSJ and or Geology! When I am not held up in the library studying or working with ASOC, I enjoy bouldering, tiramisu cake, thrifting, and D&D. I am thrilled to start creating substantial and lasting change, while working with my peers at Oxy so feel free to contact me at kinskey@oxy.edu.

Executive Committee Advisor: Marcus A. Rodriguez (he/him/his)
Assistant Dean of Students and Director of SLICE

Marcus is a seasoned student affairs professional specializing in identity building and civic engagement with a focus on cross-sector leadership development. Expanding the SLICE curriculum to focus on meaning-making and transformative learning, he manages a dynamic team of dedicated educators, accomplished event organizers, and skilled student programmers. For more about SLICE, visit www.oxy.edu/student-life/involvement