Executive Committee

The Executive Committee aims to improve communication and relations between the College administration and each of the four ASOC branches, ensuring more horizontal and shared governance and giving each branch an equal voice in the decision-making process of student body affairs.

The vision behind the creation of the Executive Committee is to ensure the active participation of all students, especially for those from marginalized and historically underrepresented backgrounds who are often excluded from traditional power structures.

ASOC President
Adam Cole
ASOC Vice President of Finance
Darius Harvey
Diversity and Equity Board Representatives
Audrey Li-Vollmer
Ezgi Koc
Sustainability Fund Representatives
Jakob Barton
Katie Callahan

Executive Committee Advisor: Marcus A. Rodriguez (he/him/his)
Assistant Dean of Students and Director of SLICE

Marcus is a seasoned student affairs professional specializing in identity building and civic engagement with a focus on cross-sector leadership development. Expanding the SLICE curriculum to focus on meaning-making and transformative learning, he manages a dynamic team of dedicated educators, accomplished event organizers, and skilled student programmers. For more about SLICE, visit www.oxy.edu/student-life/involvement