Serving as a voice for the student body, supporting students and their activities, allocating and administering funds from the student body fees, overseeing Student Services, and serving as the legislative body for all Associated Students of Occidental College.

ASOC Senate Chair and Director of Internal Affairs: Adam Cole

My name is Adam Cole (he/him/his) and I grew up in Chicago, IL. This year, I am the ASOC senate chair where I have the opportunity to facilitate important discussions and encourage those around me to realize the power of their voice. I intend to Major in Biology and minor in Critical Theory and Social Justice. My absolute favorite things to do are exploring the outdoors, learning about sustainability, meeting new people, and cooking. I am really excited about ASOC’s goals for 2021 to increase transparency, hold social events, and uplift incoming students. Finally, I cannot seem to drink enough coffee, so please, reach out if you would ever like to chat over some morning brew.

ASOC Chief of Staff: Rachel Iskanian

Hi! I’m Rachel Iskanian (she series), and I am Chief of Staff for ASOC this school year. I’m from La Canada, California which is really near Oxy’s campus. I'm a sophomore here at Oxy and am studying Biology with a Marine Biology emphasis. I love cooking, spending time with friends, playing ice hockey, and going to the beach. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

ASOC Senate Director of Academic Affairs: Hannah Christensen

Hey Tigers! My name is Hannah Christensen (she/her/hers) and I am a sophomore from Seattle, Washington serving as the Senate Director of Academic Affairs. This is my second year as part of the Senate as I served as one of the First-Year Class Senators last year. I plan on majoring in DWA with a specific interest in the influence of religious institutions on the foreign policy attitudes of state and non-state actors. Along with ASOC I am also part of the Young Initiative on the Global Political Economy and I pole vault for the Oxy track team! In my free time, I love exploring new cafes/restaurants, thrifting, and going to the beach. You can reach me anytime at!

ASOC Senate Director of External Affairs: Adrien Schaal

Hi! My name is Adrien Schaal (he/him), and I am a sophomore from Paris, France. I am an Economics major and a Computer Science minor. I am particularly focused on entrepreneurship and the financial side of the tech world. In addition to serving as a Sophomore Senator in the Senate, I also serve as an Analyst at the Occidental College Blyth Fund. I am obsessed with quite a few things, my passions range from photography and video all the way to skincare, as well as high-tech and fashion. I’m excited to be a part of ASOC for the first time this year. If you have any questions or just want to chat, please feel free to reach out! My email is and my IG is @adrienschaal.

ASOC Senate Director of Financial Affairs: Angela Chen

Bio coming soon!

ASOC Senate Director of Policies: Michelle Garcia

My name is Michelle Garcia (she/hers) and I’m from East Los Angeles. I am currently a senior majoring in CSLC with an emphasis in Latin. I’ve been working on bridging classical literature and contemporary Latina/o/x literature and theory (which is way more fun than it sounds). In my free time you can find me browsing bookstores, sneaking into Dodgers’ games and trying to find the world’s best matcha latte. If you have any questions for me, please reach out! My email is

ASOC Senate Senior Class Senator: Priya Ahmad

Hi! My name is Priya Ahmad (she/hers), and I am a senior from Philadelphia, PA. I am a Politics Major and an Economics minor.  I am particularly interested in the intersection between economic policy and how that affects social justice movement​s​ and activism. In addition to serving as a Senior Senator in the Senate, I also serve as the Diversity & Equity Coordinator for the Economics Student Association and an Equity and Access Intern for the Office of Admission. I love trying new foods, visiting any place with animals, and driving with scenic views. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat,!

ASOC Senate Senior Class Senator: Drew Vecellio

My name’s Drew Vecellio (he/him/his), and I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am currently a Politics senior looking towards attending law school after Oxy. I love to surround myself with passionate people, and this year I am committed to reigniting on-campus culture at Occidental after our year away. On days off, you can either find me digging through flea markets or attending outdoor concerts.

ASOC Senate Junior Class Senator: Lucy Stevenson

My name is Lucy Stevenson (she/hers), and I am a junior politics major and history minor from Massachusetts. Here in LA I love exploring all the different beaches, performing on the dance team here at Oxy, and trying all the amazing food on York. I’m excited to be a part of ASOC for the first time this year!

ASOC Senate Junior Class Senator: Will Powers

My name is Will Powers (he/him). I’m a DWA major and politics minor from Kentucky. I love studying international development in education and advancing student voice in administration. I am super excited to be serving as your ASOC senator this upcoming year and making your voice heard.

ASOC Senate Sophomore Class Senator: Zander Patent

Greetings. My name is Zander (he/him), and I’m a Sophomore Class Senator. I’m currently undeclared but plan on majoring in Politics. I’m an RA and a captain for the Oxy Barbell Club as well. In my free time I enjoy powerlifting, playing guitar, as well as playing Magic the Gathering (currently a top tier player). I’m a huge fan of heavy metal and alternative music. If you have any questions or just want to talk please feel free to reach out! My email is

ASOC First-Year Class Senator: Kunmi Onasanya
ASOC First-Year Class Senator: Luke Martinez

Hi! I’m Luke Martinez (he/him) and I am a First-Year from Sunnyvale, California. I am a Politics Major and am likely to minor in Spanish. Outside of the classroom I enjoy playing and watching all sports, mainly football, soccer, and spikeball. I am so excited to represent all First-Years on ASOC Senate this year! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments about ASOC!

Senate Advisor: Marcus A. Rodriguez (he/him/his)
Assistant Dean of Students and Director of SLICE

Marcus is a seasoned student affairs professional specializing in identity building and civic engagement with a focus on cross-sector leadership development. Expanding the SLICE curriculum to focus on meaning-making and transformative learning, he manages a dynamic team of dedicated educators, accomplished event organizers, and skilled student programmers. For more about SLICE, visit

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