Sustainability on the mind? Have a project idea to make Oxy a greener campus? We'll help you get your project started!

The ASOC Sustainability Fund was established by students of Occidental College in 2007 to fund projects and lead initiatives that make Occidental a more sustainable and environmentally just community. We are one of the four branches of Occidental’s student government: the Associated Students of Occidental College (ASOC).


Member List and Bios

President: Kayla Heinze

My name is Kayla (she/hers) and I’m a senior from Plymouth, Minnesota. I’m majoring in philosophy and minoring in biology with a focus on ecology and environmental theory. I’m also involved in the campus newspaper and ornithology club. I love to swim in the ocean and hike around the area and I also like to go to concerts and museums with my friends. It’s been good to see the sustainability movement at Oxy evolve to include more discussions of environmental justice and public health impacts, as well as ecological ones. We always love to hear your ideas about making campus more equitable and environmentally just so please reach out if you have questions, comments or concerns.

Secretary: Katie Hines

Hello! My name is Katie Hines (she/her) and I am a senior member of the ASOC Sustainability Fund. I am an Urban and Environmental Policy major interested in housing and food justice. I am also a member of the swim team on campus and a photo editor for the La Encina yearbook. I love being outdoors and the color green.

Jakob Barton

Hi Oxy! My name is Jakob Barton (he/him) and I am a junior from Boston, Mass (go Sox). I currently serve on RESF and the Executive Committee. I am an Economics major and UEP minor interested in the market and policy development of clean energy in the United States. At Oxy, I play in the jazz band, and I absolutely love music in general! I also enjoy going for long hikes and sleeping out under the stars. Always feel free to reach me at my snapchat: jakob_barton445

Sarah Cook

Hey! I'm Sarah Cook (she/her) from RESF, and I'm a sophomore from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I'm planning on majoring in MAC and minoring in CTSJ and UEP, with a focus on documentary filmmaking and community organizing. You will know me on campus from my weird earrings and blue eyeliner! Let me know if you need anything ever!

Gemma Walker

Hello! My name is Gemma Walker (she/her) from RESF, and I am a sophomore from Seattle. I’m majoring in UEP and minoring in Spanish. As a career I hope to work with underrepresented communities to help them achieve environmental justice. I love to run track and talk to my cats in my free time. I’m so excited for this year, please talk to me anytime!

Jake Gainey

Hi! My name is Jake Gainey (he/him) and I’m a sophomore from the Bay Area. I'm a potential UEP major with a passion for sustainable architecture, development, and real estate. In my spare time, you may find me running along one of the many trails up Mt. Fiji, browsing Zillow endlessly, or contemplating how to make our campus more eco-friendly! Always feel free to reach out if you need anything.

Zerlina Lai

Hi! I'm Zerlina Lai (she/hers) and I'm from Saratoga, CA. I'm a sophomore on RESF, a computer science major with an intended minor in biology, and I have a strong interest in ecology and sustainability. Some of my favorite things to do are trying new foods, playing violin, and dancing!

Benjamin Ventresca

Bio coming soon!

Penelopi Perez

Hi! My name is Penelopi Perez (she/her) and I am a junior from Chicago. I am a Biology major and intended UEP minor interested in sustainable product and material development through the combination of business, science, and art. I practice film photography and I am currently working on a project about sustainable fashion. Feel free to reach out about anything!

Helen Hauschka

Hey there, I’m Helen Hauschka and I’m a freshman coming from Olympia, Washington. Not sure of my major yet, but I love helping people and I’ll probably end up doing that somehow. Long walks, talks, and caffeine are all I need for a good day. I am looking forward to meeting everyone on ASOC!

Sara Bautista

Hey! My name is Sara Bautista (she/her). I’m a freshman from Santa Cruz and I’m in the RESF branch of ASOC. I enjoy reading, going to the beach, and am a firm believer that sandwiches are the best food.


Our mission is to disburse student body fees with the goal of contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally just campus by means of promoting renewable energy, resource conservation, sustainable programming and workshops, food justice, environmental justice, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and by advocating for environmental sustainability, education, and awareness on campus.

We seek to empower students to carry out their visions for sustainability and environmental justice, while also making Occidental’s campus a better place to study and live. Find out more on our Instagram page. Email with any questions or concerns!