Reflective Community Engagement and Meaningful Spiritual Practices

ORSL is committed to the exploration of human values, ethics, compassion and service through reflective community engagement and meaningful spiritual practices.

The following are some ways you can get involved in the community:

  • The Values and Vocations Fellowship:  Fellows explore the intersection of social justice and spirituality by volunteering 8 to 10 hours a week in a community organization and participating in a weekly reflection seminar. The Fellowship is made possible by a grant from the Angell Foundation.  The Rev. Susan Young, Director for Religious and Spiritual Life, oversees the Fellowship. (See our home page for application materials).
  • ORSL Fall Break and Camping Trip:    Look for postings in the Digest.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service: Occidental College will participate in a day of service in January 2017.  Students, faculty and staff will volunteer at a variety of work projects in the Los Angeles Area.  The day will end with a closing ceremony to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King.  Registration will take place in the fall semester. 
  • The Office for Community Engagement:  Visit the Office for Community Engagement website to explore additional opportunities to work in our community at /office-community-engagement
  • The Center for Community Based Learning:  Visit the Center for Community Based Learning website to explore how students may enroll in classes that include community engagement opportunities for students at /center-community-based-learning
  • Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP): Visit the Neighborhood Partnership Program website to learn more about how to get involved at /neighborhood-partnership-program
Contact Office for Religious & Spiritual Life
Herrick Interfaith Center

Occidental College, F-8
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041