A gift from John Pierce Herrick

The Margaret Brown Herrick Memorial Chapel and the Office for Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL) is a gift from John Pierce Herrick in honor of his wife.

The architecture visibly symbolizes the College's roots in the Christian tradition; it was founded in 1887 by the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.

Situated on the Academic Quad Herrick Chapel and ORSL are a part of the “main street" of campus near the classrooms, library, laboratories, and offices. Herrick Memorial Chapel is a product of the alliance between Christianity and culture in western civilization. A work of art, it meets both the practical religious needs of the community and heightens the aspirations of those who worship in it. Thereby, it adds a new dimension to the context within which liberal education is advanced at Occidental.

Since its completion in September 1964 the Chapel and ORSL has evolved into an ecumenical center appealing to people of many faiths through worship, prayer, fellowship, counseling, weddings, and presentations of religious art, music and drama.

This site adds a striking dimension to the aesthetic experience of Occidental’s campus; it keeps alive the spirit, generosity and genius of the people who made the structure possible and the thoughts and hopes which guided its design.

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