Informed by the urgency of this cultural moment and conversations within the College community, President Elam puts forward an Equity and Justice Agenda for Occidental.

Dear Occidental Community:

Informed by the urgency of this cultural moment as well as my conversations, meetings, discussions with students and staff, faculty, alumni, and members of the Board of Trustees over the past nine months, I am putting forward to you this Equity and Justice Agenda for Occidental. This Agenda outlines important areas for the College to address in order to achieve diversity, equity, access and inclusion.

Purposefully, this is meant to be a timely document that speaks to the specific cultural and social circumstances we find ourselves in today. In particular, it has become increasingly evident that promoting and practicing diversity, equity and inclusion are critical to our survival and success as a college.

This is also a living, aspirational document. It is not meant to be prescriptive or final. Rather, effective solutions will require the collective efforts of our entire community and time frames for actions will vary. I look forward to working with you to act upon the elements contained in this agenda. Thank you for your attention.

Very best,
President Elam

Contact the Office of Equity & Justice
AGC Room 108