Lavender Lounge

The Lavender Lounge is intended to be a space for LGBTQIA+ identifying folks at Occidental College to feel a sense of belonging, build community, and engage with educational, supportive, and intersectional programming.

The Lavender Lounge opened on October 8th 2019 as part of a collaborative effort between the student organization Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA), the Diversity and Equity Board (DEB) and the Intercultural Community Center (ICC). Located in Occidental College’s multicultural hall, Pauley, one of the main goals of the Lavender Lounge is to foster conversation within Oxy’s queer community on how to best support queer students from an intersectional lens.

Oxy’s queer community has shown an unwavering committment to Occidental’s student body as a whole. The College is committed to providing a space that not only encourages queer student leaders and organizations to sustain their work, but also a space that celebrates their identities and accomplishments. 

If you have a workshop, event or meeting that aligns with the mission of Lavender Lounge, or if you would like to study, relax or socialize in the Lavender Lounge, please use this request form and a member of the ICC staff will be in touch with you shortly about granting you access to this space. 

Resources for LGBTQIA+ Community Members

Lived Name Policy

Occidental strives to provide an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment by making it possible for students to use a lived first name and pronouns on College records when a legal name is not required. 

If you would live to update your lived name and/or pronouns on the College’s records, go to the “Lived Name and Pronoun Policy” link in the MyOxy student gateway and complete the form. The Intercultural Community Center will notify you once your request has been received and approved.

Once your request has been approved, you will obtain a new Oxy Student ID card displaying your lived name. The Card Office is located in the Iron Man Room on the 2nd floor of the Johnson Student Center, South. There is no fee for the new card. If you would like a new photo, there is a $5 charge.

A Guide to Name and Gender Marker Change in California and L.A. County

Oxy community members who wish to learn more about how to change their legal name and/or gender marker and LA county can find more information here.

"Creating Safer Spaces: Lived Name, Pronouns & Gender Equity"

This training seeks to:

-Create more understanding about the College's Lived Name Policy
-Emphasize the importance of language when talking to or about folks who identify as trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming
-Introduce practices to best support trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming community members
-Share LGBTQ+ affirming resources and education, while connecting participants to each other

The next Safer Space Training will take place, Wednesday, April 21 at 10am-12pm PST. Register here!