Prepare For Your Session

Take full advantage of your session with a Writing Adviser or a Faculty Writing Specialist by following these five steps:

  1. Bring the writing prompt and/or be able to state the writing assignment expectations clearly.
  2. Print out TWO copies of whatever you've written so far, one for you and one for the Writing Adviser or Faculty Specialist. This might be a completed draft or a simple outline. 
  3. Think about a specific focus or question(s) to guide the session. Do you need help with paragraph development? Aligning the evidence with the thesis? Integrating quotes or information?  
  4. Be ready to engage. You should expect to answer questions, take notes, edit your paper, and think aloud during the session.  
  5. Open your mind to questions and suggestions. 

Keep these tips in mind to make your visit to the Writing Center more productive:

  • Plan on 30 minutes MAX per visit: appointments with Faculty Writing Specialists AND consultations with Writing Advisers during drop-in hours are limited to 30-minutes.
  • Expect us to read and discuss 5 pages MAX during a 30-minute consultation. Please decide which 5 pages you would like to discuss and if necessary plan additional visits to the Writing Center to read/discuss more pages. 
  • Remain present and active during the consultation. Please do not use the consultation time to work on other homework, and do not leave the session while the Faculty Specialist or Writing Adviser is reading your paper. 
  • Do not use the Writing Center services just for proofreading. We consider proofreading for grammatical and mechanical errors as the FINAL step of the writing and revision process. If you want help with grammar, we will point out patterns of error -- and will direct you to online resources or provide you with handouts to help you learn to correct these errors -- but we will not 'line edit' your paper word by word. 
  • Come to the Writing Center for help on writing strategies and techniques. All of our Faculty Writing Specialists and Writing Advisers can provide feedback on writing in any discipline, but our main focus is on the writing strategies and techniques you use to articulate your disciplinary knowledge.
  • Cancel appointments you cannot keep with Faculty Writing Specialists. Faculty typically have waitlists of students wanting to work with them during their advising hours. If something comes up and you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please cancel it by logging in to the WC Online system.
  • Avoid waiting until the last minute or just before the Writing Center closes to get help with your paper. If you wait until the night before a paper is due, you may not get the help you need. If you show up after 10:30 (the Writing Center closes at 11:00 p.m.), we may not be able to help you, especially if we are already working with other students. Try to plan ahead.