Occidental’s Academic Mastery Program is a collaborative workshop program that promotes excellence in biology, chemistry, math and physics. Have fun while mastering course material!

The Academic Mastery Program provides challenging workshops for students enrolled in general chemistry, organic chemistry, introductory physics, and cellular and molecular biology. These workshops are led by upper-level students and provide an opportunity to test knowledge and skills in the context of new and challenging problems. The workshops provide a time to work intensively and collaboratively with other committed students in an atmosphere that is demanding yet relaxed. Information about these workshops is provided in the relevant courses at the beginning of each semester.

What is the Academic Mastery Program?

  • A collaborative workshop program structured toward academic excellence
  • A departmental program run by trained student facilitators
  • A voluntary program that expects commitment
  • A program designed to enhance group study skills
  • A program designed to generate a sense of community among students, faculty and program staff

Student Testimonials:

The facilitators are really friendly and helpful! And the worksheets are challenging without being impossible.

I enjoy my ability to talk through problems with my peers and obtain valuable study materials.

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