The purpose of the Core Program Arts (CPFA) requirement is to provide students with opportunities to pursue creative endeavors and study the importance of skillfully and critically responding to the arts and audiovisual culture.

These courses are intended to help students understand how creative works are conceived, produced, and disseminated, as well as how they are analyzed and interpreted.

Designation Criteria

Courses satisfying this requirement focus on art-making and/or cultural and historical understandings about creative works of art. In courses meeting this requirement, at least two-thirds of the course must engage with creative production, art criticism, and/or art historical analysis.


Through completion of the Arts requirement students will achieve at least two of the five outcomes listed below:

  1. Cultivate artistic literacy through critical analysis, intensive looking or listening, repeated practice, and/or engagement with materials.

  2. Contextualize the role of artists and/or theorize creative works in relation to historical, political, social, cultural, aesthetic, and/or economic phenomena.

  3. Create works of art including, but not limited to, painting, sculpture, photography, film, interdisciplinary media, installation, performance, creative writing, theater, dance, and music.

  4. Develop proficiency in discipline-specific techniques of artistic expression.

  5. Establish an artistic voice through experimentation, collaboration, exhibition, critique, and presentation.

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