The purpose of the Core Program Math/Science (CPMS) requirement is to ensure that students have significant exposure to, and experience with, disciplinary-specific thinking based on systematic observation, the analysis of data, and/or the use of mathematical concepts and formal methods of reasoning.

The course experience should simulate or replicate the methods of exploration and discovery used by analysts and experts working on problems or exploring hypotheses through hands-on data collection in a field or laboratory setting.

Designation Criteria

Courses that meet the Core Program Math or Science (CPMS) requirement include all of the following:

  1. provide instruction in or require mathematical, quantitative, computational or analytical skills;

  2. engage students in scientific thinking and its application to the world around them;

  3. include discussion of "the scientific world view, scientific methods of inquiry and the nature of the scientific enterprise" (American Association for the Advancement of Science's Project 2061).


Through completion of the CPMS requirement all students will achieve three or more of the outcomes listed below:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the scientific method by doing the following: making observations, articulating hypotheses, testing hypotheses, and drawing conclusions.

  2. Demonstrate understanding of formal descriptions of abstract concepts in science or mathematics by correctly using and interpreting mathematical notation or discipline-specific scientific/technical vocabulary.

  3. Describe, develop, implement, and/or replicate an ordered sequence of steps to demonstrate scientific or mathematical results (e.g., execute algorithms, solve problems, prove theorems, create chemical products, conduct experiments, produce software, make observations, etc).

  4. Describe, identify, explain, observe and/or critically examine multiple examples of scientific phenomena or mathematical concepts.

  5. Discuss specific examples of social, practical or ethical implications of mathematics and/or science.
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