Andrew K. Udit

Professor Andrew Udit
Associate Professor, Chemistry; Advisory Committee, Biochemistry
H.B.Sc., University of Toronto; Ph.D., Caltech
Department Chair, Biochemistry
Appointed In: 
Norris Hall of Chemistry 311, office AKU

Andrew Udit's research in Chemical Biology focuses on perturbing coagulation with virus nanoparticles, and catalysis using enzymes.

Professor Udit completed undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto in 2000 with an emphasis in biophysical chemistry and received the E.A. Robinson Medal for graduating first from a class of hundreds. Udit then pursued graduate studies at the California Institute of Technology under Frances H. Arnold and Harry B. Gray where he studied bioelectrocatalysis with fellowships from NSERC and the Willits Foundation. After receiving his Ph.D. in 2005 he was awarded a HHMI teaching-research fellowship to undertake work at Occidental College under Michael G. Hill. In 2006 he moved to La Jolla, California, to work at The Scripps Research Institute under M.G. Finn with a fellowship from CIHR and studied bioconjugation methods.  Since returning to Occidental in 2008 Professor Udit has received several prestigious awards including start-up grants from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund, and the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation.  He has been invited to give seminars around the world, while his work with undergraduates at Occidental has resulted in  publications in several high impact journals (consult CV).