Graham L. Sterling Memorial Award

The Sterling Award is bestowed annually to one or more members of the faculty in recognition of strong teaching and service to the College, and in particular, distinguished professional achievement, either in the form of significant publication, creative work, or public performance.

This endowed fund was established in 1972 in memory of Mr. Sterling, a member of the Board of Trustees from 1948 to 1972, and a former Chairman of the Board. Past recipients of the Sterling Award include:

2000-01 Warren Montag Professor of English
2001-02 Tetsuo Otsuki Professor of Chemistry (deceased)
2002-03 Jean Wyatt Professor of English
2003-04 Linda Besemer Professor of Art & Art History
2004-05 Jennifer Quinn Professor of Mathematics
2005-06 Xiao-huang Yin Professor of American Studies
2006-07 Margaret Rusmore Professor of Geology
2007-08 Nancy Dess Professor of Psychology
2008-09 Gabrielle Foreman Professor of American Studies

Dennis Eggleston

Amy Lyford

Professor of Physics

Professor of Art & Art History

2010-11 Mike Hill Professor of Chemistry
2011-12 Gretchen North Professor of Biology
2012-13 Daniel Snowden-Ifft Professor of Physics
2013-14 Robert Gottlieb Professor of Urban & Environmental Policy
2014-15 Eileen Spain  Professor of Chemistry
2015-16 Scott Bogue Professor of Geology
2016-17 Sharla Fett Professor of History
2017-18 Lisa Sousa Professor of History
2018-19 Dolores Trevizo Professor of Sociology