The Faculty Council deliberates on matters of general concern and interest to the faculty and serves as an advisory, consultative and supervisory group to faculty committees.

Occidental College has a strong tradition of faculty governance. To carry out its responsibilities, the faculty is organized into committees under the general supervision of the Faculty Council.  With the exception of the Advisory Council, the Faculty Council and the elected members of the Academic Planning Committee, faculty are appointed to committees by the Faculty Council in consultation with the Dean of the College.  In addition, Faculty Council annually establishes a panel of faculty members available for assignment to Faculty Hearing Boards, Sexual Misconduct Hearing Boards, and Judicial Hearing Boards. Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed by the President or Dean of the College (after consultation with the Faculty Council) or by the Faculty Council itself. The Faculty Council consists of five faculty members and a President, all of whom are elected directly by the faculty.  At least one of the five is untenured.  The Faculty Council President and the tenured members serve two-year terms, while the untenured members serve a one-year terms. 

Minutes of Faculty Council Meetings can be found at the FC Moodle Site.

2023-24 Faculty Council Members

John McCormack, Associate Professor of Biology

Jeff Cannon, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Susan Grayson, Professor, Spanish and French Studies

Jacob Mackey, Associate Professor of Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture

Ryan Preston-Roedder, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Kevin Williams, Assistant Professor of Economics