Faculty Council and Dean's Office Resolution

Occidental College faculty are committed to challenging positions and policies of President Trump and his administration that advance bigotry, discrimination, and hate, whether based on citizenship, disability, ethnicity, gender expression, gender identity, ideology, immigration status, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and/or veteran status.

The faculty therefore:

  1. Supports the declaration of Occidental College as a Sanctuary Campus.
  2. Acknowledges the Statement of Principles endorsed by the Board of Trustees and commits to work actively with all stakeholders to translate our Sanctuary Campus declaration into specific actions.
  3. Denounces President Trump’s positions and policies that violate core Occidental College values, including the right to free, open, and respectful exchange of ideas, as well as creative expression, science, and evidence and reason-based inquiry.

*Some language from this resolution was adapted from the MIT faculty statement on “shared values" and the Occidental science faculty’s Open Letter to President-elect Trump.

Download the Faculty Council and Dean's Office Resolution.