Professor James Sadd
Professor, Environmental Science
B.S., University of Southern California; M.S., University of Texas; Ph.D., University of South Carolina
Appointed In
Hameetman Science Center 208

Dr. Sadd teaches courses in Geographic Information Systems in which students evaluate many types of information using spatial analysis and statistical tools.

Dr. Sadd also uses GIS and other geospatial and statistical tools in his research to evaluate environmental problems, such as human exposure to environmental hazards, patterns or health risk and vulnerability, and environmental justice/equity, particularly as it relates to air pollution and climate change. He also works on questions related to coastal erosion, and marine habitat distribution and change.

Recent Publications

With E.S. Hall, R Morello-Frosch, M Pastor,  D Lowe-Liang, 2015, Ground-Truthing Validation to Assess the Effect of Facility Locational Error on Cumulative Impacts Screening Tools, Geography Journal, v.2015. Article ID 324683,

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With Manuel Pastor, Rachel Morello-Frosch and Justin Scoggins, 2013, Risky Business: Cap-and-Trade, Public Health, and Environmental Justice, in Christopher G. Boone and Michail Fragkias, editors, Linking Ecology, Environmental Justice, and Global Environmental Change: A Framework for Urban Sustainability, Springer Publishing.

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