Katarzyna Marciniak
Professor, Media Arts and Culture
M.A., University of Lodz; M.A., University of Montana; Ph.D., University of Oregon
Appointed In
Weingart 112
On Sabbatical Spring 2024

Katarzyna Marciniak focuses on the aesthetics and politics of transnational visual cultures, particularly on representations of foreignness, immigration, national (un)belonging, and the construction of border zones as sites of contention.

Professor of Global and Transnational Media she inaugurated her career at Oxy during the
2019-20 academic year as a Distinguished Visiting Professor. Her recent research and
pedagogy interests include refugee representations, transnational classrooms, and postsocialist
media studies in relation to Eastern European cultures.

She has authored two monographs, and co-edited five books, most recently The Oxford
Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures (Oxford University Press). Theorizing the ethics of
teaching trauma cinema, her article “Pedagogy of Anxiety,” which was published in Signs, won
the MLA Florence Howe Award for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship in 2010. She is also the
Lead Editor of Global Cinema from Palgrave. She is currently at work on a new monograph,
Fugitive Aesthetics: Journeys and Encounters in Refugee Cinema, co-written with her longtime
collaborator Bruce Bennett (Lancaster University, UK).

Book Publications

Alienhood book cover
Immigrant Protest book cover
Protesting Citizenship book cover
Streets of Crocodiles book cover
Teaching Transnational Cinema book cover
Oxford handbook of communist culture book cover
Transnational Feminism book cover