Madeline Baer
Associate Professor, Diplomacy and World Affairs
B.A., American University; M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Irvine
Department Chair, Diplomacy & World Affairs
Appointed In
Johnson Hall 207
By appointment

Madeline Baer’s research and teaching focuses on global political economy, human rights, and water policy with a regional focus on Latin America.

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Madeline Baer is Associate Professor of Diplomacy and World Affairs at Occidental College. Her research and teaching focuses on global political economy, the global politics of water governance, states’ foreign policy on economic and social human rights, and water policy in Latin America. Her book Stemming the Tide: Human Rights and Water Policy in a Neoliberal World (Oxford University Press, 2017) explores the implications of defining access to water and sanitation services as human rights. Her work on water policy and human rights appears in Studies in Comparative International Development, the Journal of Human Rights, and Third World Quarterly, among others. Her current book project explores changes to international law on economic and social human rights including the rights to food, water, housing, education, and health care.


DWA 103           Introduction to Global Political Economy

DWA 229          Introduction to Human Rights: Focus on Latin America

DWA 280           Globalization and Development: Issues and Controversies