Faculty share their expertise and infuse new perspectives and new energy into colleagues' classes.

As you design your courses, you might consider inviting an Oxy colleague to give a guest lecture, facilitate a class discussion, lead a class field trip or debate, give a performance, etc. The Center for Teaching Excellence believes that faculty learn from watching colleagues at work and that students benefit from being introduced to a different faculty’s perspective.

Inviting faculty must be present at the class. After the class, the inviting faculty member is expected to write a 2-3 paragraph review of the class, that addresses the following: 1) a brief overview of the content of the class; 2) a discussion of how students benefited from the guest; and 3) a discussion of what the inviting faculty member learned from his/her colleague in terms of her/his area of expertise and/or pedagogical approach. Once this review is completed, the guest faculty member will be compensated $150.

To apply for these funds, please fill out this Application Form. After your collegue has guest lectured please fill out this Report Form. Note that funding is limited (and runs out every year!) and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so it's best to reserve your funds as soon as you know your colleague will be visiting your class.

*For budgetary reasons there will be a limit of one such honorarium per faculty member per semester. 


Here’s what faculty have to say about the Guest Teaching Program:

“Thank you for enabling us to participate in this valuable program. The students and I benefitted enormously from his class visit."

“The students LOVED the class and felt that they had learned a lot.  They saw the work that I do as an art historian - as well as in comparison to other art historical methodologies that they've experienced - in a new context"

“To have a colleague in the Sciences lead  a discussion in my History course was interdisciplinarity at its best!"

“I’m grateful for the generosity of this program that allows us to collaborate with colleagues and that brings fresh perspectives and new energy into our classes."

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