LTW Teaching Prize

The Linda and Tod White Teaching prize is awarded each year to our most talented faculty members.

How do we select the winners?  We generate of pool of nominees by asking students to vote for the faculty whose teaching methods have engaged them and facilitated their learning, faculty who stimulate their intellectual livliness and who cultivate their intellectual identity, faculty who exhibit a strong commitment to mentoring students scholarly and/or artistic pursuits both within and beyond the classroom.  After tallying student votes, we generate a finalist pool who we ask to submit a teaching philosophy and sample teaching materials.  We also solicit letters from former and current students.  The Teaching Prize Committee (made up of the Dean of the College, the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, and past winners of the teaching prize) carefully review these materials to determine the winner(s).    

Past winners include:


D. Keith Naylor, Religious Studies

Jay Daigle, Mathematics


Brandon Lehr, Economics

Beth Braker, Biology


Krystale Littlejohn, Sociology

Clair Morrissey, Philosophy 


Thalia González, Politics

Eric Frank, Art History 


Gretchen North, Biology

Felisa Guillén, Spanish


Shana Goffredi, Biology

Richard Mora, Sociology


Lisa Wade, Sociology

Greg Tollisen, Math


Jaclyn Rodriguez, Psychology

Kristi Upson-Saia, Religious Studies


Regina Freer, Politics

Kerry Thompson, Biology


Caroline Heldman, Politics


Deborah Martinson, Writing & Rhetoric

Gary Martin, Biology

Eric Newhall, English


Roger Boesche, Politics

Damian Stocking, English

Stuart Rugg, Kinesiology

Giorgio Secondi, Economics


* The prize was established at Occidental in 2007 through a generous endowment provided by Linda and Tod White (Oxy alum and former trustee).  Each year’s winners are announced at convocation.