Throughout the year, the CTE holds several Talking about Teaching lunches.

At these events, faculty discuss a specific aspect of teaching over lunch.  The conversation is sometimes led by a guest speaker from outside the Oxy community, sometimes by a panel of faculty or of students, and sometimes centered around pre-circulated scholarship of teaching and learning.  Below is a list of current-year Talking about Teaching lunch topics, as well as topics from recent years.
AY 2016-2017 topics
- Diversity and inclusivity in the STEM classroom

- Student notetaking

- The ergonomically correct--and pain-free!--teacher-scholar

- What to do on the last day of class

AY 2015-2016 topics

- Devising assignments/reflections for community-based learning or fieldwork

- Academic accommodations

- oral presentations

- student excuses (sickness, family death, technology troubles and other emergencies)

- faculty focus groups on students in crisis

AY 2014-2015 topics
- Working with students with concussions
- Working with students with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders
- How does sexual misconduct disrupt individual students' ability to learn/study and disrupt classroom communities
AY 2013-2014 topics

- Understanding and enhancing the experiences of international students

- Understanding and enhancing the experiences of students with learning differences and disabilities

- Understanding and working with the iGeneration

- Understanding and enhancing the experiences of first-generation college students

- Understanding and enhancing the experiences of low-income students

- Understanding and enhancing the experiences of students of color


AY 2012-2013 topics

- Grading philosophies, standards, and practices

- "Together but still unequal: understanding educational inequality in well-resourced institutions"--Guest speaker: Prof. R. L''Heureux Lewis-McCoy (City College of New York)

- Writing effective letters of recommendation

- Student writing: lessons and advice from CAE Writing Tutors (student panel)

- Discussion with admissions

- "Beyond the essay: the pedagogical value of non-traditional assignments and alternative forms of argumentation" (faculty panel)

- Mentoring student internships

- Mentoring undergraduate research


Here’s what faculty have to say about Talking about Teaching events:

“I found yesterday’s speaker thoughtful, knowledgeable, and kind.  Thank you for organizing the talk!"

“Thank you for organizing the Talking about Teaching event today.  I thought the panelists were very impressive and I’m already thinking about how I can integrate some of their ideas into my courses next term."

“I very much enjoyed the lunch-time discussion today.  I just downloaded the materials and will incorporate them into my classes immediately!"

“Today’s discussion was incredibly informative.  It was interesting to hear colleagues’ ideas and it broadened by own views on the subject.  I also appreciated knowing that others share the concerns I have."

“Thanks for putting together today’s Talking about Teaching lunch.  It was quite enlightening to hear the range of opinions and concerns.  I look forward to continuing the conversation."


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