Welcome to Oxy!

Every semester, there's an orientation for new faculty to introduce you to key campus offices and resources. You will receive scheduling information from the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence.


What faculty have to say about the New Faculty Orientation:

“Everything was useful and helpful! It was great to get existing faculty’s impressions of the college and of the students. Although I have teaching experience elsewhere, it was great to get advice on what assignments and teaching techniques work well in this setting."

“I felt like I got a very thorough and thoroughly enjoyable introduction to Oxy. It made me excited to be a member of the Oxy community."

“It was important to get the points of view of faculty and students. I appreciated their advice and honesty!"

“Everyone was so welcoming and friendly!"

"All of the guest speakers and panelists were enthusiastic and supportive, which made the sessions engaging and meaningful. A day very well spent!"

"I found nearly everything to be more important and/or inspiring even after teaching for 15 yrs."

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