Occidental College is deeply appreciative of our generous donors and recognizes their extraordinary commitment to our community.

Founders Court

The Founders Court honors Occidental’s most generous benefactors since the College’s founding in 1887. Having made cumulative gifts of $1 million or more, these donors embody the spirit of philanthropy at its highest level.

The Occidental College Legacy Society

Established by the Board of Trustees in 1994, the Occidental College Legacy Society recognizes and celebrates the generous and future-focused individuals who have created an Oxy legacy intention through estate gifts. The Society boasts over 1,000 alumni and friends dedicated to the College's future.

McMenamin Loyalty Society

The McMenamin Loyalty Society, named for Professor John McMenamin and Adelaide (Grant) McMenamin ’40, who both served the College and generously supported Oxy since their graduation, recognizes those who have made gifts for at least three consecutive fiscal years, those who have sustaining gifts, and those with multiyear commitments. Donors to the Senior Class gift will be recognized upon their first gift to Oxy.

The Io Triumphe Leadership Circle

The Io Triumphe Leadership Circle recognizes those who generously support the College at a leadership level. Members will be recognized for their philanthropy in a variety of ways, including recognition in the College’s annual Contributors Report, and with invitations to special events and engagements with College leadership.

These Leadership Giving Societies honor philanthropic alumni, parents and friends who have made a lasting impact on the College. Accordingly, the Societies have been named for Oxy’s beautiful landscape — imagery that has been, and will continue to be, an iconic part of the Oxy experience.

$1,000+ - Jasmine

Each spring, the scent of jasmine fills the Quad, in the same way a new class of first-year students brings new possibilities to campus.

$2,500+ - Oxy Rose

Long a part of Oxy’s formal gardens, the rose represents the classic beauty of the Oxy campus.

$5,000+ - Orange Grove

No tree is more closely associated with Los Angeles and Southern California than the orange, symbolic of Occidental’s close ties to the city and region.

$10,000+ - Olive Grove

Sacred to the Greeks, the olive tree has for millennia been a symbol of peace and friendship.

$15,000+ - Sycamore Glen

In a land of few trees, the sycamore — a Southern California native — often stands out as a landmark, just as Oxy stands out as Los Angeles’ first and only liberal arts college.

$25,000+ - Eucalyptus

A native of Australia, the eucalyptus quickly became an essential component of the California landscape. The many varieties of eucalyptus on campus reflect the diverse backgrounds of members of the Oxy community.

$50,000+ - Jacaranda 

Generations of Oxy students have walked beneath the jacaranda’s purple blossoms up Gilman Road to Hillside Theater for graduation, a symbol of new beginnings.

$100,000+ - Oak Tree

Native oaks have been part of the Oxy campus from the beginning; the iconic oaks in the Quad represent the enduring strength of the Oxy community, while their acorns demonstrate how greatness can rise from humble beginnings.

Young Leaders Giving Circle

Oxy is building a community of giving, and young alumni have an important role to play. Every gift makes a significant impact on the students of today, and generations to come. We are grateful to our youngest alumni leaders, who choose to pay forward their Oxy education.

1-3 years following graduation: $250 ($21 a month)
4-6 years following graduation: $500 ($42 a month)
7-9 years following graduation: $750 ($62 a month)
10 years following graduation: $1,000+ ($83 a month)

Acknowledgements and Tax Receipts

Occidental values each and every gift to the College and aims to thank donors in a timely and meaningful way for their support. The Office of Donor Relations seeks to issue a tax receipt to the legal donor of a gift (as defined by the IRS) by mail within approximately one week of Occidental's acceptance of the gift.


The Occidental College Contributors Report recognizes donors who give in a variety of ways to support our students and faculty each year. This publication aims to highlight the impact and outcomes of our donors’ philanthropy and leadership.

Please email us at honorroll@oxy.edu if you would like your gift to be listed as anonymous, or to tell us how you prefer to be listed in the Contributors Report.

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