Calendar events display on the main Oxy calendar, the homepage, MyOxy and on the sponsoring department/office homepage.

Create Your Event Listing

First steps:

  1. Review this example of a great event listing. Great images (without any text!), thorough description of the event and its topic, speaker bio, fully detailed.
  2. Prepare your image for the web: please crop your image to 72 dpi (lo resolution), an optimum file size for web use. For calendar events, your image should be at minimum 400 pixels square, but they can be as large as 895x500. Uploading jpeg files of event posters with lots of small type is not recommended. It's preferable to simply use the photo or graphic from your poster (with minimal text) instead. A small, cropped version of your image will appear in the daily calendar event feed, another reason why text-free works best for your main event image. You can always upload the poster jpeg as an inline image in the body copy area. If you're having trouble or don't have image-cropping software, just email the web team and we can help.
  3. Log in to the website at In the Drupal tool bar menu in the upper left, select Manage > Content > Add Content > Event.

Fill in event details:

  1. Title - keep this as brief as possible, focusing on the key details such as speaker name, name of lecture, etc. Additional details can go in the intro copy field.
  2. Intro copy - type, paste or edit a 1-2 sentence description of your event, including details not critical enough for the title field.
  3. Body - type, paste or edit the remaining event description. Here you can include speaker bios, additional inline images, or the event poster image.
  4. Event Date - enter the date and time of your event. Check the "all day" box for all day events. Note: the time field utilizes a 24-hour clock. Enter 13:00 for 1:00 pm, 14:30 for 2:30 pm, etc.
  5. Location - enter the location for your event. Campus locations will autofill as you type. Note: this is not a space reservation. You must still reserve space through Master Calendar (R25).
  6. Price (optional)- enter a price for your event. If the event is free, leave this field blank.
  7. Event Sponsor - type the name(s) of the department/offices(s) sponsoring the event. You must enter the department/office name exactly as it is in their website name.
  8. Event Category/Tags - select relevant categories from the dropdown list. Use multiple tags as appropriate.
  9. Add image - upload your prepared image (see grey help text for recommended image sizes). If you need instructions please view our tutorial on uploading images.
  10. Click "save" to publish your event
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